Solo Cup Challenge Update Growing Cannabis for Beginners with LEDs

Solo Cup Challenge Update Growing Cannabis for Beginners with LEDs. New Merch store is open, a lot of people had been asking for T-Shirts and hoodies so I …


  1. Hows it going everyone? I was just woundering if anyone might know any seed companies that are looking to sponcer a personal grower like myself an Info would be greatly appreciated. Genetics are the only thing holding me back right now from progressing. I know it might sound like a small issue but I have no funds to just try and buy any good seeds but to me it would be a life changer smd a blessing from God of anyone could help me get sponcered. Even if it's only 1 seed to get things going. God bless all ! And I hope someone who can or should be able to help will see this message.

  2. No where did you ever clearly state that bh you would be randomly generating picking winners, you clearly stated the opposite @4:00 because I pay attention to detail I have every right to be pissed.

  3. I'm fucking pissed, although you've helped me in a way that I can only be grateful for the fact that you changed the rules at the end fucks me up, I put a ton of things to the side to put comments in only for it not to matter at all.

  4. @4:00 you stated the fucking rules why else would I put so much of my fucking time into this contest??? Only for you to change the rules and use a random number generator? I only ever won 1 other thing from your channel the 5 pack of blue gelato 41 seeds and I worked my ass off for them, I put in over 2K comments on the video that broke the 10k mark these guys who are known in the community can come outta no where and just randomly win big shit, not cool at all to your loyal subscribers, that's also something you said at the beginning of this contest (this is for my loyal subscribers). I didn't even win a fucking slap, I know I put in at least 15k comments for this contest, life goes on though, thank goodness I can fund my on dreams but like I stated in your dm, this shit hurt and really fucked my day up.

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