South Dakota Cannabis Legalization: Governor Kristi Noem Says “VOTERS MADE A MISTAKE”

South Dakota Cannabis Legalization: Governor Kristi Noem Says “VOTERS MADE A MISTAKE” Please Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of …


  1. The voters wanted their voice to be heard and voted in favor. Now Noem goes to the courts to have the election overturned, Imagine that, a Trump Republican trying to ignore the wishes of her voters. You people in South Dakota deserve this, you voted her in. Remember this next election.

  2. Once again republiKKKans show their idea of freedom is doing what they tell you to do.
    Meanwhile people are dying like flies in her state. Highest Covid death rate in the WORLD!!!

  3. Doesn’t these laws have to go through a type of hearing before they are even allowed to be voted on? If so she and other officials allowed this, they can’t say shit. Fucking boomers thinking they know better than the majority

  4. If SD doesn't legalise Dope. Democrats will come in like Doxies.And seduce voters with the idea of legalising & SD will be a Democrat's a sleazy method democrats use to gain power .

  5. Legalizing marijuana decreases illegal distribution? Come on man, get off the couch and open up the windows to your moms basement. organize crime gets all the licenses for legal distribution and gives kickbacks to the state in the form of taxes, One joint from a legalized establishment is $35 here in Chicago. It completely open the market for all of the street gang drug dealers, they are making a fucking killing!

  6. Looking at the Republican landscape, they are not only really out of touch, but also they are also violent, vicious, vindictive, and fanatical like cult-members of a cult… Donald Cult! If their 70 million devotees get to overwhelm the rest of the nation, then this nation will become like Germany during WWl and WWll… and that's how empires usually end. This nation is already on that path, it will take decades to stop and get off that path. If not, another Donald will come along… a smarter and more wicked Donald will use Donald's proven playbook and destroy this nation as we've known it.

  7. It really is an amazing thing for our farmers as well. Opens the door for hemp farming… she claims to represent them. Over 200,000 people said yes. Many of which were republican.

  8. I find that most people dead set against marijuana have never tried it.

    Noem: marijuana is dangerous as she takes an ambian with a glass of wine. Lol. No proof of this btw.

    If lawmakers don’t uphold the will of the people, they’ll be the next ones to go. That’s easy enough-see former president Trump.

  9. Governor you cannot go against the people you know this. there's nothing wrong with medical use of marijuana it does work. Not only that if you decriminalize it for a little bit for someone to use a recreational you'll have less crime as well that has been proven as well so you need to get off of that I'm sorry I'm 59 years old. And I know that for myself I don't use it but I'm going to when it becomes legal here

  10. Illegal Marijuana was putting people in prison and tearing families apart. Legalizing Marijuana will prevent families from being torn apart. Kristi Noem has no fucking clue what she is talking about.
    If she doesn't honor our vote, she'll quickly be looking for a new job.

  11. wtf one of my favorite youtubers gave me a shout-out good shit dude I haven't been commenting bc weed legalized in NJ and I've been running all over the place for my job but I still find time to watch your videos dude. Keep it up brotha!

  12. I agree, medical marijuana is definitely not a Democratic vs Republican thing. My entire family voted for Initiative 65 in MS. and we’re all Republicans, including my parents. That’s why MS’s politicians were shocked when 65 passed, because they did not expect Republicans to support Initiative 65 like they did.

  13. I was a hippie in the day. I think medicinally, MJ has it's benefits. I live in SO OR, where the growing is preemooo! But I hate what the industry has done to my town. If your legalization includes right to grow, you're in for years of adjustments to the way you live. It's not an issue of "puff" it's legal and life goes on. It will affect everything from the air you breathe, the taxes you pay and all your gardening supplies. You might disagree with your governor, but that doesn't mean she's wrong.

  14. I born and raised here in south Dakota and believe me she need to go yes we made history and that bitch can't do shit to change it it would help this state grow better and most of our crimes will go down and our officers can focus more on what actually matters than dealing with someone with a plant

  15. Who does she think she is it is not for her to say the people of s.d. have voted doesnt matter what she thinks nor do we care she should keep her mouth shut and do what the people say. She obviously cant handle the power given to her she way over the line by saying the ignorant things about s.d. voters they decide not one idiot who thinks theyre the Queen of s.d.

  16. 14th comment haha and 14likes last time I liked, I was 14th.. trippy but ya love south Dakota legalized cannabis medically and adult use or recreational or maybe dey jus calling it marijuana..July too far away though..&whoa 11:11for d vidz time length

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