State of Texas: New efforts to legalize marijuana

Marijuana legalization efforts.


  1. I used to be staunchly anti weed, then things happened and I realized I was so short sighted. I understand anti weed people because I came from a conservative household and was taught from day 1 it was basically satan in the form of a plant. For those of you concerned about it being legalized, it's not harmful, not anymore at least than alcohol. If you drink but denounce weed, you are a major hypocrite, and if you don't drink, but think alcohol should be legal while weed is illegal, you are also a hypocrite. Alcohol is a drug that is arguably much less safer than weed. I honestly think it's ridiculous now that people get their panties in a twist over people using cannabis, and I use to be that ridiculous person. If you're anti weed and reading this, I ask you to put behind all your previous biases and rumors you've heard about weed, and it look at it through a neutral lens. And honestly, smoke a joint and you realize how stupid you were

  2. Citizens are not recognizing the truth behind weed being illegal. The entity that owns the US Dollar along with most large corporations in America…. including the alcohol industry views it as direct competition. They made it illegal to ensure citizens continue to buy alcohol. It has NOTHING to do with "drugs" and "safety"……..IT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY. People would not spend the enormous amounts being charged for alcohol when they can grow weed-free in their house…..have fewer health problems and no hangover. Legalizing it will result in a controlled cash cow just like alcohol. They will legalize its sale but not it "growing in your basement"…… which will be against the law! It is all about money……. it is not about the citizen's benefit. We live in a world of constant and increasing controls in every single aspect of our lives.

  3. Remove the need for state and local agencies to crack down on this plant. I don't know of anyone who would be behind giving this substance to children unless extreme circumstances require it (a child is dying and it helps them tremendously). I'm very certain our politicians would put in criminal offences for providing this substance to minors in addition to driving under the influence. It's currently a victimless crime where it shouldn't be. In addition to this, the law is being disproportionately applied to people of color. I suggest many of you to look up the documentary series "Weediquette" and watch a few episodes (don't get stuck on the first episode with children).

  4. Texas has been doing right all these decades, why change something that is working good. Look at how many people are flooding to live here, so there is the proof it doesnt need to change.

  5. I donโ€™t agree with legalizing pot but itโ€™s not the crime of the century.

    I worked at CPS region 7 and I can tell you management there treated it like a capitol offense hundreds of thousands of dollars and man hours wasted because parent smoked a doobie.

    I saw parents threatened with removing their children cause the smoked pot and no effect seen on safety of the kids just colossal waste of time and money that could have been used to really save kids.

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