Surprising truths about legalizing cannabis | Ben Cort | TEDxMileHigh

In 2012, Colorado legalized cannabis and kickstarted a multibillion dollar industry with every product imaginable — brownies, gummy bears, granola bars, even …


  1. Russia subsidizes vodka so all Russians can afford it in bulk. By keeping people intoxicated they won't notice how bad things are in Russia.
    Lawmakers in the U.S. have the same thing in mind only they want to strangle people with additional taxes while we're doped up on "pot".

  2. Citizens are not recognizing the truth behind weed being illegal. The entity that owns the US Dollar along with most large corporations in America…. including the alcohol industry views it as direct competition. They made it illegal to ensure citizens continue to buy alcohol. It has NOTHING to do with "drugs" and "safety"……..IT HAS TO DO WITH MONEY. People would not spend the enormous amounts being charged for alcohol when they can grow weed-free in their house…..have fewer health problems and no hangover.

  3. I think this guys got it all wrong. Poor people aren’t poor because they smoke weed. They smoke weed to ease the stress of trying to pay rent every month. Minority groups are more likely to smoke weed because they are discriminated against. Take for example lgbtq people. They’re discriminated against and they have a huge struggle so it’s easy for them to turn to weed to ease their pain.
    More kids if color are caught with weed because they come from families who are more likely to smoke weed because they’re discriminated against.

    The issue isn’t weed here. It’s the discrimination against minority groups since America was founded.

  4. Cannabis has many health benefits.
    Of course they want it to remain illegal.
    Or else big pharma will lose money from their treatments claiming to work on cures.
    This plant is even known to kill cancer cells.
    Cure headaches,
    Ail Parkinson's.
    Resolve insomnia.
    Many remedies in one.

  5. Could have told you this in the nineties when I wanted to legalize it. Now I just don’t care because learned how to cope without any drugs or alcohol because my income level.

  6. Oooooo…… bad THC. Bad THC. Really? In this day of scientific knowledge about the values of cannabis, and in particular THC, when one is treating just about every disease state? Yeah…….. spread that fear. Ignore the science. But move over, because progress is going to pass you and your small mind behind.

  7. Long sigh…everyone knows it should be legal if we truly are a free people regardless of whether its to get high or for medicine. Let the pharmaceutical companies make their synthetics for the people who wouldn't do it otherwise. Let people grow medicine. Let people grow stoney flowers and make the purest tastiest ooiest gooiest hash possible. Let us be free(or take our freedom back should i say)and people will fill in those roles regardless of what it is. Maybe then it wouldnt be so much moldy chemical laced commercial bud. And pleassssse…acting like thc's only role is getting you high and cbd is the only medically beneficial compound. Thc has medical uses as well and i would take a 20% with a tasty profile over 40% with nothing else to offer. If it wasnt commercial or people had more knowledge of the plant people wouldnt only be concerned with thc. Im tired and rambling off track.

  8. The difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is the same thing as the difference between medical prescription drugs and recreational use of prescription drugs.
    Medical use is doing the amount the doctor suggest and for the purpose of treating a condition and and recreational use is just doing whatever amount you want for pleasure over and above concern for specific condition treatment.
    Look up the difference between "self-medicating" and medicating under doctor supervision and that's the difference between medical and recreational anything whatsoever. Whether it's marijuana that were talking about or some well established and widely prescribed pill is really irrelevant.

  9. We know any system set up in this culture, unfortunately will have echos of racism, mostly because people who have benefited from prohibition are unwilling to give up their cash cow.

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