Testing a Cannabis Extract for Cancer Patients: Canadian Cannabis (Episode 2)

Click here to watch Episode 3 now: In this episode of Canadian Cannabis, Damian checks out Jim’s Weeds, a no-holds-barred compassion …


  1. its the big pharma companies with vested interests organizing lobbies to force the government to clamp down on medical cannabis… so people have no choice but to rely on a 300 dollar a pill drug for xxx cancer

  2. Whats wrong with this world We can buy grain alcohol (check out SPIRITUS A pOLISH VERSION OF OVERPROOFED HIGHLY OVERPROOVED ALC) IN LIQUER STORES BUT 100 TIMES HEALTHER BETTER NON ADICTIVE AS ALCOHOL FLOWERS DOSE NOT MATTER WHAT FORM R BAAAAAD AND ILLIGAL ,cos the high ups like thair cogniak and whiske itp wouldn't wont to even think abt doing same thing again as prohobision again …well We all know how that would end I hope same will happen with weed ahd concentrates cos its more of Us then them I hopr it will hapen before I pass and I'm in CT came from Germany ,Sry for ny English

  3. Beautiful wish we had somebody like jim here I'm in Rhode Island and I'm disabled and the prices at our compassion centers are ridiculous and much like Jim said the more you buy the cheaper it is so if you have a pocket full of money you can get a discount but if your on disability that's not possible they're asking $40 for an eighth of weed they're asking 60 to 65 dollars for one gram of oil they want $100 for a stick of butter how is somebody Medicare or Medicaid they can't pay for their medicine normally able to afford this option and the other option is opiates so get mad easily addicted off of pain they're allowing medicinal marijuana which is non profit to be more expensive than a pharmaceutical choice

  4. The good old days back at Jim's Weeds Lounge (Nation's Best Weeds Society)… We were fortunate enough to help hundreds of people in a short period of time, Much Respect to the members and staff of NBWS

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