Texas Marijuana Legalization Ad Is Perfect

A pro-marijuana ad debuting in Texas on Tuesday showcases a retired police officer who says the state should take a more “sensible” approach to marijuana …


  1. If u drove to the bar to get drunk u prolly tried to drive home too. Alcohol being legal and weed is not is a pretty big hypocrisy. Alcohol affect your driving more so what the hell.

  2. I’m in Texas, Harris county has way too many criminals to lock people up over Weed. Every time me and any other person gets caught it’s almost always community service or probation

  3. The doctors have been giving me morphine, codeine and Norco. Now they're going to cut all that off. Marijuana? I can't find any. I can find meth and heroin all day and night. Fuck the Government!

  4. There's a reason that most of the police and sheriffs who are pro decriminalization are all retired. A cop's salary is based on how many arrests they make, making cannabis legal or non-criminal takes away a quick way to make an arrests and keep their salaries/jobs. There needs to be a complete overhaul of how policing works in this country (and by extension a lot of the world).

  5. legalizing pot is not a liberal act.. it is a conservative act.. and with responsible programing will drastically reduce domestic violence over time.

    We do need programing that removes the stigma, and highlights a responsible lifestyle with an honest work day and time for the family and community.

    We do need to ensure the price isn't elevated to the extent it pulls food off of the table as the tobacco tax has. If the price removes it from being able to provide refreshment without causing excessive injury it will continue to exist as a political misdirect facilitating the falsification of the right and poor leadership.

    nothing is free… it takes an active investment of energy to build any aspect of any community.

    Over time with proper leadership, people will simply say they would rather smoke a bowl to relax instead of getting sick n not being able to get up fresh in the morning. alcohol will eventually go away in that proper environment.

  6. DEA agents that carry out raids on cannabis, yes its cannabis marijuana is slang, get paid 800 dollars an hour. I wonder if its the pay that keeps them on the side of prohibition.

  7. From the article above, [a more "sensible" approach to marijuana policies] ?

    A truly SENSIBLE approach would be to legalize cannabis with NO fine. It should be treated just like cigarettes as to when and where you can smoke.


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