Thailand's Marijuana Legalization Movement | HIGHLAND | Ep. 3 (Recreational) Excerpt | Coconuts TV

Thailand is poised to legalize medical marijuana by the end of 2018, but when we were filming our original docu-series exploring the Thai legalization …


  1. What the he'll is diesel and mazar doing in Thailand. They have their own tropical sativas, which actually get you soaring and high, indicas just make you dumb and bland.

  2. Even though Thailand's native sativas have been contaminated with indica in the 80s, they still retain some of their ancestors qualities, I hope that thai people can protect what's left from indica. Indicas are horrible, just nasty plants

  3. @4:32 "it started from how america came into our country in the 70s, they took weed from us and then they banned weed for us"- …"so its america's fault"…"you could say that" -hahah, truth be spoke, same fucking thing happened not just in thailand, also nepal

  4. Fuck smoking in Thailand because I got caught with an eighth of shit thai weed and got scammed by the police by 50.000 baht and I still done 7 months in bang Kwang prison.

  5. N yes its always americas fault, please bear in mind ,not just the weed, theres alot of other things too, is americas fault n not just thailand tho, too many countries to mention here

  6. Thai used weed as normal herb, just like basil. My granddad ate leaves just like side dish veggies every dinner. Weed was main ingredient in Thai boat noodle. Shame that no more use in Thai cuisine.

  7. 3:33 old version for making "edibles" with "old fashion keif". Better version is "live rosin" for making "edibles". You can mix different strains of "live rosin" into "edibles". 3:33 is "old edibles" and better version "edibles" is with "live rosin".

  8. When I was in Thailand someone tried to sell me some herb, it was literally wet tree leaves that were soaked in embalming fluid. They warned, be careful very strong haha I didn't test it

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