Thailand's Marijuana Legalization Movement | HIGHLAND | Episode 2 (Medical) Excerpt | Coconuts TV

Thailand is expected to legalize medical marijuana by the end of 2018. In early 2017, Coconuts TV produced an original docu-series exploring the Thai …


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  2. Dear host, please make sure the camera doesn't catch you fiddling with your hands/fingers and looking uninterested in what your subject is telling you. Great channel, thanks for the content.

  3. Canada's business model is Failing miserably , Thailand can set the bar, start shipping real organic, grown under the SUN , I never got to try the Thaistick, but still dream of the old chocolate Thai strains from the mid 80s and would even welcome the cpl/few beans that came in some of the nugs………….I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW!

  4. The law changers in April 2019 my wife has stage 4 brain tumor she had
    radiation therapy and it's not worked does any one know how to get on a
    cannabis medical trial in thailand
    We live in Chiang Mai????????????

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