THC effects on Tumor Brain Cells, Normal Brain Cells



  1. Not to put a damper on things, but there are a lot of drugs which work in vitro, (outside the body in a dish), but which don't work in vivo-inside the body when adminstered.  So this looks great in the pertri dish, what happens inside the body we have to wait and see.

  2. Apoptosis is a normal cell function. Your cells are constantly dying and being replenished. Your body has countless amount of brain cells and losing them is not a cause of cognitive decline. Use of drugs might, however, slow down response times in the neural pathways of your brain causing it to function slower or may un-normally increase the amount of neurotransmitters, such as dopamine with cocaine, which the body may cease being able to produce in normal amounts by itself.

  3. If it causes premature apoptosis of normal cells, then why are there no studies showing an increase in cognitive decline in habitual smokers? as there are with cigarettes, alcohol and other drug users? For my unerstanding was that there was no cognitive decline ever shown and thus they did not kill brain cells.

  4. Way to jinx your family…kidding…I can't say the same thing about my family, unfortunately…lots of lung cancer…all the guys on my dad's side were loggers and heavy smokers in their youth, and up until they were probably around 50-55…my dad lasted the longest(72 years old)…I was turned off enough by smoking that I never did pick up the habit, but I did smoke a lot of pot when I was younger

  5. Lol, probably. Or maybe not. Not 1 person in my family has or ever had any sort of cancer. 3/4 of my grandparents are still alive, and all are over 75 (one died because he was a drunk) . Strong genes, I guess.

  6. Apoptosis is triggered from RNA, but yes that's correct and a reason why cells undergo apoptosis is that old cells become less protective and more likely to be manipulated by free radicals that can degrade mRNA. Cancer cells actually tend to not undergo apoptosis which is why tumors form.

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  8. Hi guys.. Please be sure to share this video as best as you can. I do not make a profit from it. All work is attributed to the Seth Group. It is important to get this message across — that cannabis has a high potential for medical value in treating and helping treat forms of cancer and should be allowed to be researched more openly and its medical value to be taken more seriously

  9. @DEEPJUNGLES Hi. Yes, THC has been shown to slow down and reduce glioma and spreading of tumor cells. Its use could perhaps assist in the treatment of Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). This inhibition is thought to be due to the attenuation of IAP-1 RNA, a protein

  10. @idiot866 so THC is good for that or bad… sorry but i couldnt quite follow, not all of us are brain physicists or understand what premature apoptosis is. seriously… u may like parading that u have this 'immense' knowledge but u obviously have very bad explanatory skills if u think everyone is going to understand what all that means without everyone having prior knowledge of these substances and activities of the brain, which… guess what… some people dont

  11. @TheMick5429 that is awesome man they really need to put more research twoards medical cannabis. anyway, you and every other cancer patient will be in my prayers feel better man

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