THC Stays in Your System for 30 Days!

Marijuana is quickly becoming a hot topic within political and societal discussions. In Canada, 33% of 18- to 24-year-olds reported using marijuana in the past …


  1. I’m a chronic smoker for a year smoking a gram a day. I quit 11 days ago in readiness for pre screening drug test. I’m 6 ft 2 170 pounds with a quick metabolism (although I’ve done very little exercise since March) I have only just started to piss clear enough to show negative on urine test sensitive to 50ng/ml. My diet over Christmas hasn’t been great but I’ll continue with drinking lots of water and cranberry juice up until my test some time in next two weeks. Will let you all know if I pass the real test! Hope this helps 🙂

  2. BS its different for everyone im a heavy smoker 3-4
    Joints everyday stayed sober for 2 weeks and passed easily i am slim and very fast metabolism plus i work out if your like me youl hve no issue if your overweight i feel sorry for you as thc binds to fat cells

  3. Everybody different go to the dollar store by a few drug test for Thc they work buy a gallon on water drink and run cleared my shit in a week staying hydrated and sweating

  4. I used to be a chronic smoker, like every day but due lockdown down I started smoking occassionally like twice or thrice a week (1 joint) . I have managed not to smoke for 2 weeks and had lot's of water and orange like 3 tropicana 1 litre pack juice as much as possible for this job, I'm lean but for fat people it will take a bit more time as THC get stored in fats and Now I have a drug test on 16/11/2020. I have watched a ton of videos on youtube to get THC out of my system, Just pray guys for me that this should work. Will share the result however that will take time, sooner or later but will definately share the result. I know getting some else piss would help but I'm a bit nervous as I have never done that, so I'm just commenting on this video so that the fellow stoners friends will have real time experience and less worry about as I'm being going through this anxiety. Stoners just keeping my fingers cross 🤞

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