The Backstory: Bills introduced to legalize marijuana in Texas | KVUE

Two Texas lawmakers have filed new bills pushing for marijuana legalisation. But it’s far from the first time lawmakers have deliberated about cannabis. STORY: …


  1. United States home of the free yeah right FNAF is the home of the free we should be able to do pretty much what we want assume what we want as long as we're not harming other people things be okay and marijuana is the least harmful drug out there it's not even a drug it's more of a medicine

  2. Marijuana is only looked at badly cause of racism Texas could be making billions of dollars and open up 30,000 new jobs if they legalize it if it’s already decriminalized in Austin why not make it legal everywhere and bring in money and jobs

  3. What no one talks about is the millions of dollars that leave texas every month to go to other states for cannabis people still smoking and spending that money its leaving our economy

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