The Complete Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis From Seed to Harvest With LEDs

The Complete Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis From Seed to Harvest with LEDs and Curing. We go through the entire process and cover all the basics …


  1. I am saving for the ac infinity exhaust I have the mars 2×2 and an xs1500 Viparspectra and I have the mars 2×4 with the sp3000. I am going to get the ac 4in and the ac 6in. I have a 5×5 setup right now with a run in it but as soon as its out i will be going to all led. I have went through 4 vivosun 6in fans in the last 4 yrs and only 12 of them is still in good shape and its the one running to cool the light so it has the most hrs by far. 2 have went in the trash because of bearing failure and the 3rd one is just to bring in cool air from my basement and I use it sparingly because the thing is so loud and bearings about to fly out of it. So I am saving up for a good system it will be cheaper in the long run.

  2. I love a good long video as long as it is GOOD! Great video, I have grown 3 rounds of bbog and have had a horrible time with it. I have made them work but now I see why the seed was give to me. The guy said he couldn't get em to grow at all but I got a decent harvest off it last year but it was a fight the whole way. Turn the light up they dont like it, water too much they REALLY don't like it, rh too high they get mildew with just a little too high. I think of myself as a decent grower I have a few good harvests under my belt but I have not been able to knock one out of the park yet. I finally bought seed that is supposed to be an easy grow. I went with Gorilla Glue auto from ILGM and your right it took exactly 2 weeks and I mailed cash. I didn't think about not going auto I just wanted something easy and quick I have been growing this shit that takes 12weeks to flower I guess, I took them at 10 weeks last year and it wasn't ready at all sugar leaf amber got me!

  3. Hey GT … every new grower ….Iโ€™m pretty sure I over watered …..slow growth ……yellow almost white tips / spots on the first set of leaves …. .would you start over or just hope like hell it will be ok?

  4. You completely changed my whole game up !!!!!! I'm so glad I came across your channel a while back. I realized I was straight killing my stuff. You literally make it as easy as possible.

  5. Awesome video. I honestly watched this video first, then went back to watch the other ones… basically because when you talk and explain how things are going to work and you repeat it no more than 3 times which I'm add and dyslexic so I actually enjoy that because I'm more hands on. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for video. Just started my first 118x60x78 with 3000w, 2000w, 2 1000s led. Mostly by BLOOM PLUS. Was 10 years ago using MH/HPS so everything is kinda different. Thanks again for videos, hope all is well bro!!

  6. So question. I have two plants that lost light one week into veg. These are autos. They lost light because of flooding in my basement I had to resolve that issue first. Put the lights back on and they are still growing. Question is it worth finishing them since the yield will be hurt or start over. Opinion?

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