The complete guide to marijuana and the brain (2017)

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  1. This is a brilliant, comprehensive compilation of material. I am still only a layman ( am just beginning college) so I can't review the information, but it seems on point to me. I'm working on an essay regarding "cannabis sterotypes" for my psychology class right now and am looking for information regarding cannabis effects in the brain.

  2. I think it is important to differentiate THC alone and the overall plant. I use a tincture that is 1:1 THC:CBD and also contains a good amount of CBC, CBG and THCV among other cannabinoids which all balance each other out.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to create this! I've been moderate smoker for several years and have made many attempts to quit. It hasn't been easy, but your well presented summary of the background and literature has given me more of an incentive to stay away. Great work.

  4. I have watched this video through twice, and now onto my third. My degree had a big focus on neurobiology and drug interactions, so I find this to be a very good resource. I hope this gets more views.
    I plan to break this video down by topic and post the time stamps here. This will not be soon, but it will be done.

  5. Question: if you averaged the definition of 'chronic use' these studies, what would the range be? getting high 2 times per week? 4 times? 7 times?
    Im just wanting to differentiate what a 'light' 'moderate' or 'heavy'/chronic use would be
    Very interested to hear, thx!

  6. Thank you for uploading this.I started smoked marijuana at 22 (now 26) in an attempt too find an escape from long term severe depression.While I can say it has worked somewhat,it has also had negative consequences.The unknown long term effects scare me,which is why I am constantly searching for info like this to know what I am experimenting with.In conclusion I think it's best if I stop,I definetly notice changes within myself.

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