The dangers of vaping CBD oil

Dr. Cass Ingram, author of “The Hemp Oil Miracle” discusses the health risks of vaping CBD oil and other products and offers alternatives to inhaling.


  1. Don't really see what the dude is wrong about. He has no issue with the plant etc. Just the mode of administration and extraction.
    Hes right. The only thing your lunge should he smoking is oxygen.
    Its counterproductive. You take something for health benefits but vape all the chemicals in your lungs. It makes no sense

  2. 100 🤓…ah I see he's pushing his product. "Mine is better b/c it's raw"…? Not decarbed? How's it active ? Wonder what else is in that stuff? …"you should try it" lol

  3. I take 5,000 mg full spectrum cbd oil once a day and honestly for my anxiety and things that used to really bother me mentally/mental stress and sleep, it has really done wonders for me. If i need it quick, i dry vape cbd weed and within a few minutes im good.

  4. Können Sie empfehlen Medikamente für Furz und Durchfall? Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss. Mein Furz riecht wie faule Kohl!

  5. Just legalize marijuana already. I'm tired of hundreds of people dying off of highly addictive opioids . Oh wait pharma will lose trillions and millions of dollars so!!!

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