The effects of marijuana on cancer.

A video explanation of the relationship between marijuana, and cancer .does marijuana cause cancer? fear is a friend that’s misunderstood.


  1. ATTENTION! Worldwide, tobacco use causes more than 5 million deaths per year.
    2.5 Million Alcohol-Related Deaths Worldwide- Annually.
    Marijuana Deaths Per Year 0.

    Marijuana Treatment
    Epilepsy, Glaucoma , Arthritis , Depression , Anxiety
    Hepatitis C , Nausea , Cancer, HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy , Multiple sclerosis .

  2. Then you would of read the survey that THC is actually beneficial for Cancer or tumors. If you smoke weed out of a vaporizer like a volcano. Which is actually the brand (Volcano) most popular with Cancer patients who have medical marijuana.

  3. and NO I dont smoke cigarettes and wouldnt recomend that shit to anyone. that has soo many chemicals in so does weed. its the chemicals that cause probs but how can you get pure weed unless you grow ya self. and ppl focus on the lungs ITS THE LIVER as well that get sdamage from smoke and these cigar papers. RESEARCH aint never hurt nobody.

  4. putting smoke into your lungs is bad… this is a basic concept. however your digestive system is meant for and is eager to process fat soluble plant based substances! eat weed, don't smoke it… from a personal standpoint i can never smoke weed again. due to brain chemical imbalances, but eating it is no problem… enjoy 🙂
    always with love, Stu

  5. For ALL UK residents ONLY, if you want to see CANNABIS LEGALISED then there is an e-petition on the Home Office's own web site you can sign!!!
    It's available to sign until August of 2012.
    100,000 signatures are needed in order for the debate to occur in the House of Commons again. There are currently 15,000 votes on it; including mine.
    Addy is… epetitions dot direct dot gov dot uk/petitions/29
    Sign up and be counted, or else shut up forever!

  6. Chemicals inside MJ has been proven to kill cancer cells and other diseases. It minimizes tumor growth and helps downsyndrome people. MJ can be beneficial, we just have to know how to use it to out advantage

  7. I think that cannabis was deadly on many levels when it was illegal.toxic growing practices,plastic bongs, that its somewhat legal it is harmless and possibly many a-holes in government and slobs in our hoods became important because of prohibition???all of us can remember some lowlife who would be invisible if they didn]t have weed.LEGALIZE EVER WERE.

  8. We must take cannabis legal cases to jury trial and we must get on juries and use our rights as citizens to protect our fellows from these tyrannous laws. Go to FIJA dot org for more info on how. When juries refuse to convict, this war on the most useful plant known to man will

  9. @zxzrp0 That's dr. Tashkin M.D.. I did some research on smoking too for more than 24 years. There is medical value for sure for smoking. What u see in practice is is that eating of the hash oil daily has the real astonishing results. The curing from cancer has the best results with eating the hash oil. Most people also don't experience psycho-tropical effects from eating in the Rick Simpson protocol. Some get sleepy, but that's all. So eating is superior for curing.

  10. @TerrierBram I forget the name of the scientist, but one guy did a 30 year long research on the effects of a heavy MJ smoker (daily) to see if it would cause Lung Cancer. Results were astonishing as it actually prevented the subjects, all of them, from developing any abnormalities besides gaining weight from too much munchies. = D . Also I have conducted my own research for the past 15 years of smoking daily. Still feel good and more healthy than in my teens. I have athsma btw. MJ for the win!

  11. @OldCorpBLT13 Don't know of the smoking, I think the Cannabis flower oil , a.k.a. hash oil eating is a more effective technic. However, I enjoy smoking now for more than 24 years, it's very nice. I guess cancer cure or prevention for any health problem comes mainly by good food, exercise, and concentration on acception and the right decisions what you can do in favor of life.And even if people live up to that cancer can come to life in their body.Plants will be the answer,all plants r important.


  13. Great vid! Oh No lol, makes you think twice, i can't hide from reality now!! i have to quit NOW, before its too late. I've been smoking all kinds of Weeds, Hash, for over 12 years now. Even worse!! Here in the UK and Europe, we mix our weed with cigerette Tobacco. Most of you guys in the US are VERY smart normally, for taking out the ciggys. I've had blood and stool tests, by me demanding a check ups myself. In England we have the NHS, but bcoz its govenment funded and its free,its USELESS.

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