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Twenty-three states have decriminalized marijuana to some degree. And with privateer holdings investing nearly $82 million in weed startups, the industry is …


  1. then again, you could stall this ethical development to make up for other problems this country has. you could wrongly profit off of weed in order to fix things like education, etc. which sort of…. i'm willing to pay that tax. or, just make us pay it. idk. things are just so messed up.

  2. Weed is illegal in Pennsylvania. Just think about that for a moment. Videos like "Reefer Madness" have made the public aware of an ACTIVE PROPAGANDA SCHEME against marijuana legalization in OUR COUNTRY. We now know marijuana aids those with Parkinson's and can fight breast cancer, among other things. YET, the race to control marijuana rages on between THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, who seeks to control it as a Schedule I drug because of all the money involved. (Keep in mind, the Feds are working on it. They've obliged states to make their own decisions, in order to see how it works socially.) AND individuals like you and me, who often times race to control distribution in states whose legalization efforts are underway. These people want to own the groweries and distribution centers because it makes THEM money. Ethically, it should just be legal for a citizen to grow marijuana in the safety of their home and use it at their discretion. My reasoning?
    Anyone, at any age, can go to a home-brew alcohol shop and purchase all they need to produce beer, wine, and grain alcohol. Technically, you need a license to actually MANUFACTURE it, but you can still purchase all you need legally with NO AGE RESTRICTION. Our culture is extremely lax with the destructive drug, alcohol. because historically, humans are just used to it. Many still actually–yes–FEAR marijuana because, perhaps, they do not understand it. Yeah, it could make you lazy, but how many more people drink way too much, how often do we use drinking as a coping mechanism and LAUGH IT OFF? If we legally believe we can function with legal alcohol, then it is actually insane that our government continues to feed off of "marijuana possession" charges and treat that as a crime. It is completely irrational that we should continue this culture that has been shown to be corrupted and wrong. It is crazy that growing marijuana still has such a heavy stigma in America! It might seem so off to you, but that's my point! It's crazy that you (some people) get that heated over this! Pardon my abruptness.
    Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw The reason you can't just grow weed is because the dealers & the government make too much money off of it in various ways. You should just be able to grow it. Cut all the advantageous bullshit out. Think about it. I mean, really think about it.
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    Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw If more people get value out of being able to just grow it than the small amount making money off it in the present ways that they do, people could actually get what they want. That's an economic revolution, and reason exists behind it.
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  3. don't forget to scramble to take hold of distribution when, ethically, this plant should be freely grown among citizens who chose to use it! I could be a 14 year old kid in Pennsylvania and go buy anything I need from the Home Brewing store. look it up, anything you need to make alcohol is not age-restricted AT ALL! but growing marijuana plants? watch out for DEA!

  4. Id just like to comment toward all the baby boomers and old timers here who are worried about their children smoking weed because they think it makes people "stupid". Let me try to explain something to you, if you see someone who is dumb smoking weed or commenting unintelligibly about its benefits or why theyre using it, that person was stupid in the first place. Anybody who is lazy and smokes weed, was gonna find an excuse for being lazy anyway. Stop blaming weed for peoples shortcomings and take some personal damn responsibility like your generation is always talking about.

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