The Mises View: "Is Marijuana Legalization Really a Disaster?" | Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton responds to former DEA administrator Peter Bensinger’s claim that the legalization of marijuana is a disaster. Thornton is a Senior Fellow at the …


  1. Ok I'm subbing because your channel makes sense. I agree totally. Making marijuana illegal only forces your children to find way more harmfull substances which in turn kills them. Making marijuana illegal is criminal especially when alcohol and tobacco are legal and much more harmful drugs.

  2. We have to also educate others is that hemp serves many industries from clothing, paper, food (hemp milk) and what i just found out fuel. Did you know the first ford vehicle, designed and created by henry ford, was made of hemp and ran on hemp fuel. So it's not just about using it has a drug but it serves many other purposes. Possible reasons why they prohibited it here in the first place.

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