The Oral Health Benefits of CBD

CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol has been shown to have many therapeutic and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s amazing effects on those who suffer from …


  1. The newest family of cbd is a 100% water compatible cbd liquid. One company has the proprietary processing system that makes this cbd liquid possible and it's at least 10X more potent so you only use 2 drops instead of the 1 or more droppers full that most cbd companies suggest (this just makes sure you order more of it) hit me up if you want more info 🙂

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  5. i’ve been dealing with “derealization” and severe anxiety since i was 14. i am now 16 and i tried cbd yesterday. and my anxiety COMPLETELY. went away. until it wore off.

  6. I've just started taking the drops for severe joint pain and general aches and pains. How long does it take before feeling the benefits? Does it build up over time? Thanks

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