The REAL Reason Chuck Schumer Supports Weed Legalization?

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  1. NY is all about taxing the shit outta people in all the rural areas to pay for that dump of a city . N.Y. needs to be split into two states. Ive said it for years.

  2. I quit smoking for a job that I now have. It’s considered a safety sensitive position that does randoms. Will federal legalization be helpful for someone like myself? I don’t smoke because I can’t enjoy my high knowing my job does randoms.

  3. i don't understand why "you aren't the biggest fan of chuck schumer" , its like a breath of fresh air compared to McConnell, why is the real reason Canada legalized weed, what about Colorado? Illinois? , Schumer is pushing a lot of things that were never possible before the senate flip, hes not "making sure people know he is the one" that passes this, ITS WELL KNOW THINGS ARE ONLY HAPPENING because of the senate flip, it goes farther than weed , Corona virus legislation and climate change things are being passed aswell.

  4. When I read the article from the other day and it’s to make money for possibly his cause I know he said it’s for ny from Covid but isk I believe other wise just seems odd to me a bit

  5. I know this will probably get buried, but even if it does get federally legalized and decriminalized, it will still be 100% illegal in WI. To understand why cannabis will not be legal on a state level in WI, you first need to understand the Tavern League of WI. You see, the Tavern League is the State's most powerful lobbing group and they're responsible for striking down all COVID-19 protections (i.e. mask mandate, PPE, etc…). They also are extremely against any competition to the alcohol industry (Bars, Brewery's, etc) within WI. Hell they openly opposed the smoking indoors ban in 2010. If you don't believe me just how much power and influence they have, just look who was appointed to be WI's head of Cannabis policy. The guy they put in charge of WI's cannabis policy just so happened to be the former president, vice president, and chairman of the tavern league. If you go on open secrets, you'll see who they donate/bribe and most of them are extremely anti-cannabis and ultra conservative. That said, if you hear the names Robin Voss, Scott Fitzgerald, Scott Walker, Jim Steineke, and Devin LeMahieu, just remember they're responsible for WI being dead last in Cannabis legalization.

  6. I wonder if flower does become federally legal, will edibles, concentrates etc be legal too or that would be another bill to pass seperately from the flower one?

  7. You are absolutely 100% correct these people are in their respective positions not because they stumbled upon this position but because they were able to position their self properly and take credit where credit is due and limit the amount of negative press they receive they are very smart Schumer is really putting his self in a potential excellent political place if this all plays out and goes through like that where he will almost be or will be the most popular senator and will probably be given king status in the eyes of millions because of what he will say he was able to get accomplished for the American people.

  8. When every politician starts to believe that being pro cannabis will get you elected, they will all be pro cannabis.
    Personally I think AOC is more fierce than Schumer. Gotta love her.

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