The rise in marijuana use among seniors

More and more Americans age 55 and older are using marijuana. Many – converts who previously preached the dangers of drugs – are advocates for the …


  1. I lived near a strip of bars for something like six years and I have come to believe that while alcohol, for some, can be a social lubricant, for the most part it is a societal poison. A pot lounge opened up down the street from my house and it is the most sedate thing, I've seen none of the tragedy that I've witnessed at bars over the years. I went in once and what I found was what for all the world looked like a late night brunch set. A really good band playing the hits of Benny Goodman, people of all stripes chatting quietly at their tables. At the back tables skateboarder types having an energetic conversation about their "dab" equipment, looking, for all the world, just like any enthusiast group that knows too much about the things they're passionate about, discussing Amperage, resistance, volts, etc. like a bunch of first year engineerIng students. I have yet to see any of the tragedy that I've become accustomed to with bars; no fistfights in the parking lot, no bouncers throwing people violently into the street, no intoxicated people swerving into traffic on their way to their cars, no ambulances because some diabetic ignored their doctor and crashed their sugars with vodka, none of this.

  2. I personally want to know Joe biden's view on marijuana nationally. Also Joe are you aware that we could tear form the whole United States with marijuana plants it would provide habitat jobs and hours of entertainment for humans. Please make your position known on this.

  3. As a 3 armed conflict combat Marine veteran who spent 14 months in 5 different military hospitals, and who has 20 operations because of Vietnam in the past 50 years, and 10 other ones not related to war…up until a couple of years ago when I got a medical marijuana card in my state of NJ, I've been a outlaw buying my weed on the black market. What makes me mad about this crap, is the our cowardly leaders like Bush Jr. John Bolton, and Trump who all talk tough, never show up for the wars themselves. Yet these very people are trying to get us to take Opiods, instead of a safer drug. They have this drug as a scheduled 1 drug, and addicting drugs like Oxycodone as the gateway drug to pot. There is something wrong with these people. And after all this time, and at age 75, I'm still an outlaw, because the cost of pot in my state is so high, that I'm still buying most of my weed on the black market, and the republicans in my country have so far kept a marijuana dispensary out of my country, so I have to do a 2 hour round trip to get it! I'm on my 3rd handicap in life. I had 2 tumors taken out of my spine, and now I have trouble walking because of the pain I have from nerve damage. They should not only legalize marijuana, you should be able to grow it at home, just like you can make beer, and wine at home! Now this is going to sound terrible, but I hope the anti- pot people get 1/2 of the things wrong with them that I have, and are in pain until they die. Why? Do unto others as they do unto you!

  4. this needs to be updated. Now its legal in far more states including mine here in Oklahoma. I just got accepted for my card and will start it soon. I hope it helps my life is misery with my chronic pain and wanting off opiods..

  5. Lifelong advocate of the herb, the endocannabinoid system is all you need to understand, we and weed were literally made for each other, apart from my recreational smoke I now regularly have a brew first thing, 0.5g ground and steeped slowly for good infusion, add any tea you prefer, green, herbal, regular, and a dash of honey, the elixir of life ๐Ÿ˜
    Rev 22:2 'On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.'…โ€ฆ..mind kind of spirituality, Amen !

  6. Now, 3 yrs after this video, we can see why seniors using cannabis must be apprehended, tried and executed. They're bent on corrupting an entire generation!

  7. Thank you Sue for this insight! I am a non-Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor I am 63 years young. I don't know how i would have felt without it . So many times I felt death at my door, the pain the loosing weight, while I went through chemo. One day when my husband and I came back home from chemo I dared do the unthinkable without consulting my Doctor (whom I am sure would have said, No! , I smoked cannabis! Thank God I dared because from that day forward everything was better. Once I got back home from whatever torture my treatment was for that day, I smoked. Amazing the release I felt, I was able to relax, to deeply think and see things from others perspectives. I quickly learned it had no affect (I felt no harm) taking it while I was taking heavy duty chemo and then radiation and medications. I smoked during all procedures, secretly though, my doctor would have never approved. But you know what, the patient approved it and my husband supported me. Smoking it helped me tremendously through my journey with cancer which I now am a proud 9 year survivor!!! God bless you all. Lets all support what we already know is a good thing!.. Lets never look back!

  8. im calling bs. the gov dont pay for the testing of cannabis when theyre proving the benefits of it. only if someone is working to prove adverse effects of cannabis can they get funding for doing so.

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