The Science of Marijuana PBS Documentary


  1. Marijuana is safe and harmless and is not phsysically addictive. Alcohol and nicotine and both physically addictive and harmful for you. Weed should be legal no matter what, plain and simple.

  2. In Canada as you my know Marijuana is now legal. As a daily user for the past 40 years. I have a hard time with the idea that medical is so inaccessible. I have always purchased my weed through illegal means. Legalization didn't change this and the same goes for a large portion of the Canadian population. Just as it is in the United States we can order on line and buy what ever we want. Who cares what the government opinion is about it's legalties. Funny how you have such a hard time legally purchasing weed but your Dr. can prescribe opioides like M & M's. Time to wake up. If your Dr. won't help you there is another way and it does work. I firmly believe in the use of Marijuana for medical means. It has always worked for me and now is working for my 11 year old Golden Retriever. Should have never been made illegal in the first place!

  3. You have heard it here…cures cancer! That is what the American Cancer Society and Big Pharma do not want! Go Figure! There is a cure to Cancer…being sick is big profits to 1%

  4. I need medical marijuana and it's really shity on me because I am on section 8 in because of section 8 and being in bumfuk Oklahoma I can't get it all because I'm on section 8 when I can't get my card cuz it's only available with the medical card in Oklahoma which really sucks for me cuz I need it to eat it's either get my medical card and get kicked out of section 8 and be homeless are bee psycho and angry and unhappy and not be able to eat I really wish I could get my medical card because I truly need it this is b***** I can't get my medical card cuz I'm on section 8

  5. So they're worried about addiction yet most of the FDA approved medications have risk of dependency or like the opiates have a risk of full blown addiction or don't forget all that 10 mile long list of side effects all these chemical drugs have in general the reason marijuana is not accepted by the medical field as much as we would like is due to the money aspect Think about it if I can give you marijuana easy to grow cheap to grow sell it cheap then I'm not making money like I would be if I was selling FDA approved drugs in general we spend trillions of dollars every year on chemos and other cancer treatments that are failures the fact that a plant could actually cure cancer scares Them they are afraid of losing all those trillions of dollars from chemo

  6. I was 15 in 2009 and fell out into a grand mal seizure one night. I've had epilepsy ever since. The feeling of blacking out into one is pretty indescribable. Your flexing every muscle you have all at once and biting down, clenching, as hard as you can tongue/cheek in the way or not. The muscle soreness can be incredible. But, its hard to feel these coming on. Sometimes its an obvious sort of "spaced out" feeling that gives you your warning. Other times it can be hidden by laughing too hard at a joke. I will attest to saying that if I can sit and slam a bong hit before a seizure, I can calm down out of that feeling and stop my seizure. The high that you get used to pretty quickly is very manageable. Much more than alcohol and it actually keeps most people from throwing up rather than the latter. This plant should be legal. I know its close but it should have never been illegal. Swing little kids have these same seizures that I get but not even knowing how to deal with what's happened to them is devastating. But then there's stories of children getting their cbd drops at w/e times of the day and the kids wind up going days without an episode. Its so effective in so many areas. Look into the help marijuana does for Parkinson's disease. Its amazing. Be advocates everyone.
    "if you don't do a thing you have no right to complain" -Trombone shorty, Right to complain

  7. Cannabis, a wonderful plant with so many uses, so many medical treatments with positive outcomes. No wonder the pharmaceutical industry and companies lobby politicians to try and keep it illegal. But common sense is prevailing and it's getting legalised around the world slowly and surely.

  8. I will absolutely take God's natural medicine over men's synthetic poisons any day of the week and any Doctor Who pretends that cannabis does not have medical use or that man-made substances are superior to what God himself put on Earth is an arrogant douchebag and really needs punched in the f**** mouth

  9. Doctors were fine with prescribing me 240mgs of Oxycontin a day for 6-7 years after 3 major back surgeries…….but nobody would even consider prescribing me marijuana….. All the Oxy did is turn me into an addict. The only thing that ever helped the pain was smoking buds…. It was crazy, my oxy scripts were $1300/mo, and Ins covered it ALL!! Too much money in Pharma. If they legalize Marijuana, then we can all grow our own medicine. Big Pharma cant let that happen….. And BIG PHARMA owns our government.

  10. Iv seen this before . I do use pot . And I like pot I'm ne'er 70 years old. Cancer surviver twice. I use no other drugs. Some of what these so called Dr.s will tell you they have drugs that work great and pot is wrong ,all it is is buy the Drs drugs. Pot works use it.

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