The Science of Medical Cannabis for Arthritis

The Science of Medical Cannabis for Arthritis Jason J. McDougall, Ph.D Mark A. Ware, Ph.D Quebec Forum on Arthritis 2016 65% of Canadians taking medical …


  1. Fwiw i think there is a connection between terpenes and RA. I find with CBD flower. The more sweeter. Varieties such as cherry wine . seem to provide the best relief. Generally a corncob pipe smokes it adequately and its a eco sustainable pipe to make .. Medical marijuana in ohio is for the more wealthy . the card is very expensive here so is the dispensary. Yet on the street marijuana is about $200 an ounce here

  2. I’ve been on remicade I. V. For 15 years. Developed cancer had to go off meds. It almost killed me. I now have gout which is severe, drs. Will not give me anything except pain pills. Until the cancer is gone. Medical marijuana has saved my life. Thank God for this plant. Please pass all medical marijuana

  3. Thanks for making this video. So sad only 4k views. If people could just search youtube for "Cannabis for Arthritis". I've been using Cannabis for 30+ years, keeps me healthy and free of all diseases. More people are realizing it's not harmful and have been lied to for decades. Cannabis will save humankind and hemp will save our economy. Mark my words and spread the word

  4. I had difficulty making use of my thumbs because of arthritis, therefore I could not understand things properly. Since I`ve been utilizing this arthritis treatment “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it), my range of motion is much better and I don`t find myself sucking in my breath.

  5. You would think people should be free to use any substance that helps them with pain, depression or just help an individual to function at a better level. But for some reason outside my realm of thought, other people find it necessary to tell others what is best for them ! Just ludicrist! Mind your own fucking business! Let people do whatever they feel is best for them,, not you !!!

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