The Stigma of Addiction | Tony Hoffman | TEDxFresnoState

There is a stigma which many assign to drug addicts, even long after they have overcome their addiction. Tony discusses how his first time smoking marijuana …


  1. Many recover from addiction. But that rap sheet will haunt them for a lifetime. Be careful about who you choose to share your past, with. Many will judge you terribly.

  2. I have been dating someone who I have come to care for greatly. He has fallen back into doing math. It breaks my heart.
    I am having a hard time fighting the balance of being there for him at the same time as protecting myself. He's hurt me bad, I do understand it's not him, but the addiction doing thus. It's do difficult. I pray for him every day.
    I have been around so many who have lost their physical lives, (family, romantic partners, friends, colleagues– it's more rampant than many realize), or their souls to addictions.
    I had a meth addiction many years ago that I have recovered from. I changed who I was, new friends, living conditions, etc. It turned into workaholiism though. Still an addiction. I'm recovering from this after falling to CFS and Fibromyalgia.
    The guy that I have been seeing, and I'm very fond of, is having a tough time breaking the stigma as well. And because of this, he is not believing in himself. He's had a very tough childhood.
    I do know, as I have researched this a lot that those that fall into addiction have had trauma in childhood. High ACE scores.

    Thank you for this inspiring talk. I hope it reaches many.
    And to everyone recovering from and/or still fighting addictions and stigma. My heart goes out to you.

    I am in tears right now from what I've seen in my life.
    I used to work with children as well who's parents had addictions, and/or lived in traumatic childhood conditions.

  3. Not everyone has the skill set, family, friends, and mental health to pull through. I’m tired of losing friends. I’m tired of the stigma. Not everyone is created equal. Addiction is proof.

  4. In order to free yourself from addiction you must find within you that which fills the void that you have been trying to fill with your substances.

  5. Sitting down with people who have lived experience as been a life changing for us on our channel. Addiction is tough, but I believe we need to do better as a community and ensure that we defeat stigma, as well as support people so that less and less people turn to addiction.

  6. Powerful…Yes we as addicts will have the Stigma follow us the rest of our lives.. I am a recovering Addict..I have learned that it doesn't define who we are as a person but sadly We will be judged by Society.I Thank God everyday for my Sobriety and I live One day at a time. Thank you for Sharing!

  7. I'm coming up on 4 years next month & I really enjoyed this. I wanna get my story this concise lmao. I always ramble and get off track because there's just so much. I'm so happy with my life today & just want to help others have what I have.

  8. Stop believing all what doctors say. And start doing your own research. Then you can also take some weed or acid sometimes. STOP DELEGATING THE RESEARCH TO THE DOCTORS!

  9. yo this narrative is super toxic honestly.. pushing the defunct gateway drug theory, and doing nothing to condemn the paradigm where we make addicts detox on a cement floor in a dehumanizing cage with murderers.. super problematic fam :/

  10. So much I wanna say. good things, ignored things, bad things, and the complexity of addiction. mental health, physical health, genetic dispositions, trauma/abuse/neglect, social norms/expectations/stigma/beliefs… a system that's so deeply engrained in society to chase more and more $$$ to achieve financial embederment but sacrifice solid healthy foundations and relationships….

  11. Those negative parole officers and cops are most of the time the reason people go back to what they were doing cause somone is telling them they ain't ish and they see where they are at and they are like wow I'm not ish and feel like that have nothing an go back to the only thing they know

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