The Top 5 Indoor Cannabis Plants for 2020

5 Great Cannabis Plants for Indoor Growing in 2020! When it comes to finding a good strain to grow indoors, it’s a bit like finding the Holy Grail While we accept …


  1. great for beginners or people like my mom who smoked a hooker pipe when she was 15 now thinks it's the pit of my endless mistakes … grrr mom !! u can't tell me shit !!!! u used to smoke it !!!

    education is a skill …….. subbed

  2. Wow. Oh boy. You guys need help.
    1)Haze plants-Lemon, Arjans variety, etc are shite indoors. Look any sativa-keep outdoors, just trust Igor.
    2) OG Kush. Really any of the Kushies suck & Igor has tried at least 4/5 of them. They need to be staked to high heavens(any grow you see w/the white mesh-95%guarantee its a Kush strain) do not yield that much & are basically just a pain for the effort. Outdoors-maybe they'd be worth it but nfw indoors.
    3) Gelato. Not too bad esp if u get a pheno thats more purple. Still can stretch on you which can be a problem 4 most clandestine grows.
    4) Top 2 strains mentioned- honestly have no experience w/those exact strains however Igor does grow a strain that has heavy cookies on the Mom side(Purple Pellegrino from umami seeds. Anything they do is highly recommended).
    5) Lastly its called weed 4 a reason- it's easy to grow. It aint orchids guys. Shite, if you almost sever the main stem as long as there is a thread remaining of connectivity- duck tape her and ur back on the tracks.
    Good luck & happy harvesting!!!

  3. If you send me a list I will write you a story about them using your handle.. Here's what I mean
    wanted to thank you . my son ordered and you all were great. I wrote a little something Gor y'all.
    I wanted to write you today and let you know a little bit about my aunt, first off she's a very big woman she's of great (critical mass)I guess she got that way from eating so many (wedding cake) and (Cherry Pie) and (Cheese) everyone thought she was a (black widow) because she had so many husbands l only remember two (Bruce Banner) and (Jack Herer) they disappeared along with her boyfriend (Bubba Kush)as so did her (AK-47) I was so little but I can remember I walked in on her one time when she was eating (Girl Scout cookies) (Skittles) and she was chewing (bubble gum) she said she can't remember that she must have had (Amnesia Haze) she used to have a lowrider with (blueberry) paint and (gold leaf) in it. the lowrider had a (banana kush) seat it was held together with (Gorilla Glue) and it sounded almost like a (sour diesel) but one day the police found some (Durban Poison) at her place and she got scared but she had a (blue dream) about jail and she grabbed a cup of (gelato) and headed toward the (Northern Lights) I guess she went to (LA Confidential) to her dad's house I don't remember his name but they called him purple so that I guess that would be my (granddaddy purple) eating (frosty flakes) she always thought she was the la krem of the (le cream) I can see her now in her new 1986 (super silver haze) ford escape down on (Sunset Sherbet) lane talking to all the (OG Kush) people looking like a (Sweet Zombie) and drinking (Blueberry) wine. Her and (Star Dog) was like a (Train Wreck) when they got done.She thought she was going to space at one time, and ride the ( Future One). But that didn't work out for her. Damn I love her the end…………………..would love some new strains . Much love to yall growers just thought I would try to give someone a smile
    if you got any stickers or any promo stuff I'm your guy. Thanks

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