The TRUTH about Marijuana and Athletic Performance

A followup to last week’s video on alcohol and athletic performance. Connect with me on Messenger Autographed Run Gum Variety …


  1. Seriously curious about this one, have any of you used cannabis to boost athletic performance or for recovery? If so let me know in a comment, want to hear the good and the bad!!

  2. When I smoke, I like to connect with my body. Focusing on mind muscle connection. I might do some shadow boxing. Going to the gym, I get crazy pumps and really focus on the squeeze.

    I’ve got an anatomy background and I genuinely feel like I’ve learnt more about my body using marijuana.

    When I smoke I have a zoot in the evening after doing what I need to be done. Don’t abuse it. More research will be coming out in next 5-10 years as more states legalise.

    Take care, stay healthy and stay ambitious.

  3. First off I've been smoking weed like a chimney for 8 years and the doc even says my lungs are in great shape, tobacco would be more worthy of lung damage, or if you want something that will cause blood in the lungs try smoking heroine. Second I drank rum, smoked and vaped weed at the same time at a wedding reception once and I was running up and down the stairs repeatedly and really fast so don't tell me weed effects your ability to run. Third I do prefer to stay sober when I ski then smoke afterwards, and speashal Olympics says I'm 1 of the best and fastest on the team and this is after 8 years "FOGGING" "UP" "MY" "BRAIN".

  4. I'm a 19 year old basketball player on a D3 college team, and while I am not a super high level athlete, I do find using marijuana helps me with multiple things. I have a lot of knee, and tendon pain from lots of jumping during practice, and when I smoke afterward, it almost completely takes away those pains, and reduces swelling, along with cbd topicals. This helps me feel better about not taking rest days, and helps me get good sleep to recuperate. I know certain people that like to smoke before playing ball, however I find, even with a tolerance to the effects of THC, it still tends to slow me down. On the contrary, I have many times smoked before just shooting around, and I have found that I can get into a very interesting flow state with my shot, and handling. Like Nick said in the video, it can help you feel all of your muscles independently, and you can use that to your advantage in practice. All in all, smoking for recovery and practice can be good for basketball, however, being high in game is a very bad idea for the average player.

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  6. Been smoking weed on a daily basis for about 20 years, I'm 38, 3 kids , amazing mrs, and a semi decent job. Starting to worry about long term effects of 20k joints, and can now feel it when I work out or run. What's the best way to smoke it with minimal effects on cardio?

  7. I’m running a marathon this morning….I usually smoke a little bit before each of my run, it truly helps my mind relax, and my music is more calming. I’ll run it today and let y’all know how it goes!!!

  8. I smoke weed litle bit & workout in the gym can it effect my muscles gain ..sir may be i fell better in the gym when i smoke weed and workout can it effect muscles growing

  9. Roll a joint of a sativa(jack herer, silver haze) and a pre-work out(woke af) and 1.5 hrs later…stupid pump and 1200 calories burned doing weights/cardio. Been my ritual for about 6mths in the morning and love it! Wake up 530am meditate for 10min, take about 4-5 puffs of the joint, put it out for after the workout, drink pre-work out, throw the headphones on and Crush SH@t!!

  10. The moment he said “I don’t really enjoy smoking weed, I get paranoid and think about eating Taco Bell and I enjoy drinking more” made this whole video irrelevant. That’s like me (someone who never drinks and doesn’t enjoy it because it induces depression in me) talking about drinking and training at the gym, everything I say isn’t going to be beneficial or useful for people that do enjoy it and have a completely different body chemistry.

    I for one have smoked weed for 7 years and completely dominate and out class anyone my age in physical training. I can hold my breath longer than majority of people with my same fitness level, out swim, and run, like come on man who gives a shit if it’s illegal, most cancer cures are illegal and we all know why, pharmaceutical corporations and how they do business.

    Once weed is federally legal, all this talk will completely change to THC sativa having similar stimulant like effects as caffeine and THC endica having same effects as L-theanine. CBD having the same effects as some teas for relaxing or anti anxiety.

    That’s the real facts

  11. question for Nick and anyone else who can provide useful data:
    Rungum is supposed to give you a boost for a short period of time, after which you probably expected to feel a bit 'down' in terms of energy and tiredness. My question is- do you think rungum can be effective for a sports like basketball/football? if so, how to consume and when exactly?

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