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Some patients prefer not to smoke their medical marijuana — a vaporizer super-heats the cannabis without burning the plant. ➡ Subscribe: …


  1. 347 or 352 is the best way you dont need all this hold in bs or little breaths 98% of thc is absorbed immediately when you inhale. 370 is better after 3 or 4 bags at 350 to finish off the bowl.

  2. That's sad how they placebo her. I have the volcano and reviewed it on my channel. At 370 WITH REAL WEED INSIDE you get alot of vapor. There was no vapor inside that bag whatsoever. I'm ashamed in ya nat geo

  3. It helps everybody that works with like I said it's got properties that are very good for people with depression anxiety and all that good s***as in I'm being sarcastic it's not good at all but for people like me that can't take normal antidepressants and stuff yeah it is good

  4. "you have a specific amount of cannabinoids in your blood stream at this point that are impacting your brain" You just blew grandma's mind hahaa

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