This Is What Smoking Premium CBD Flower Feels Like

Interested in smoking CBD flowers? Unsure of the effects? Watch my 5-minute video to learn more about the basics of CBD flowers. In the video, I smoke the …


  1. I just discovered CBD flower today and let me say it is a life changer, It is the best effects of regular flower without being wrecked. Super relaxing and calming again without going full space cadet . My only complaint is so far is it seems a bit harsh but that could be a function of the particular brand I purchased today. Anyone who smokes regular flower but just to relax and not get wrecked this is for you for sure !!!!

  2. So I know normal CBD doesn’t contain any THC when I smoked weed back in my teens it gave me really bad anxiety but I’ve been recommended by a friend to try smoking cbd weed for my anxiety anyone recommend ?

  3. I tried different brands……but HELL ! ! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS IT DOES'NT TASTE NATURAL ? it doesn't even taste or smells like ordinary THC strains… ?? ANYONE ??

  4. I get really bad anxiety and panic attacks when smoking thc. I'm afraid to try cbd flower. I've tried both tinctures, and cigarettes and haven't felt any effects.

  5. Look chad mind if I just call you Chad? Ok chad u got boned .. You do realize that CBD is ruining the industry right? There's actual boneheads watching these reviews not to see about CBD but to see if it's good enough to pass for real weed and people on the streets are selling this as real weed.. crazy man … And tell me this why does the medical weed not have any CBD in it ?It's kind of nuts when you think about it..

  6. Im an American living in Germany and the government has recently allowed these products to consumers. They're everywhere with what is labled 12.5 /0.2 %… Im a 54 yo mega smoker and will try a 50/50 mix of high concentration THC with some of this CBD bud. What do you think…ever tried it?

  7. Can you whitey from cbd? That’s my main fear and which is why I haven’t smoked weed ever since I had that experience.

  8. Seems like a nice guy, but you didn't say anything about the effects at all, just that it tastes nice and it'd be good for a gift. People most likely clicked on this to hear what it actually feels like in the body and mind.

  9. I like the Indica myself. I am using med cannabis now. I have a compromised liver and need to limit my edibles entirely. I have several health related issues, inc depression and diabetes. Triple bypass 5 yrs ago. I watched Cheech's video presentation on dose, delivery and why it matters. Very interested in learning more. I would also like to know more about muchrooms. I have a friend in Colorado who has a testimony on his use of it. He very much likes it… Can you text me your site link..??

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