This Week in Cannabis – Feb 22 to Feb 28 2021

Timecodes: 00:00 – Intro 00:40 – IRS wants Cannabis businesses paying tax electronically 2:45 – International Updates: Mexico, Morocco, London 5:30 – States …


  1. What do you think of VEXTF? Seems like it has good growth potential in Arizona. I can't buy it directly through my brokerage, it says I have to call and have them order it.

  2. Hey mate, I reckon one of the reasons you aren't seeing TILT get a lot of interest is that it might not be available or visible on many of the zero/low fee retail brokerages and just isn't seeing the volume of orders to drive it up.

    I could be wrong.

  3. Sorry for my bad explanation of buying assets for pennies on the dollar during the video so I will try to clarify here. 

    Let's assume Columbia Care's enterprise value or book value is $2B (they have more future growth potential than TILT, that is why they are valued more but forget that for this example).

    So if you want to own a company that is bringing in $150,000,000 in revenue after 3 quarters, you can buy Columbia Care right now, worth $2B. This current valuation implies no future growth and no discount (fair value). It's like investing $1 today for $1 of future earnings and as Colombia Care grows their operations, your money grows with it. 

    Now let's say the next company you look at is TILT. They are also bringing in $150,000,000 in revenue after 3 quarters but you can buy shares of TILT right now, worth $225M, nearly 1/8 the market cap of Columbia Care! At LESS than book value, this implies a discount from Tilt's actual enterprise or book value so it's like paying $0.15 cents today for $1 of future earnings and as Tilt grows their operations, your money will grow more because TILT is trading at such a discount right now.

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