Tommy Chong in Las Vegas on marijuana legalization in Nevada | Election Day Nevada Question 2

Reporter David Schuman with 13 Action News had a chance to talk to Tommy Chong of “Cheech and Chong” about the possibility of recreational marijuana …


  1. yeah, I kindof agree that Hills was corrupt but so is Trump.
    Let's be real a minute here ppl.
    Trump isn't going to do ANYTHING to "drain the swamp". He's not…
    He is literally HIRING the swamp right now for his cabinet!!
    That's why I am a Berniecrat and many Trump voters I've talked to are to.

  2. Way to get Tommy to open up… that "catch a bullet" story was a gold nugget. But weed (obviously) doesn't make you smarter… Hillary wanted to keep it illegal forever. We don't need a woman to lead us… what feminist crap. Cannabis does cure cancer though, as both Mr. Chong and I can attest to from personal experience. God gave us a way out of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and so much more. It will (likely, under Trump) be legal (at least medically) nationwide soon — and the world can begin to heal.

  3. Am I the only one that thought this dude was cool. then he talks about trump using coke and he likes Hilary…… Fck this oldass, dumbass, thinks he's all smart and shit

  4. ill post again don't delete  ,  they included a PENALTY for growing if you have a retail store within 25 miles       , witch is pointless  as long as they cant take your house anymore ill pay the ticket  . they just got to put their sticky fingers in every bag.

  5. Tommy actually was being sarcastic, he thought like most left wing peeps that Hillary was going to sweep because of the misguided garbage polls everyone relies on (which are never accurate). At least Trump is better for medical laws, he says he will allow medical marijuana for sure, and that he will let states keep their laws on it. But the Shillarybot wanted to make it schedule 2 only, which means it would be more restricted under her garbage ways.

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