Tommy Chong On Battling Rectal Cancer: 'I'm Using Cannabis Like Crazy Now'

Tommy Chong has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time after previously battling prostate cancer. The “Cheech & Chong” actor told Us Weekly last …


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  4. It does relax your mind calming it down to to think clearly. But the real marijuana is natural and better. When man put there hands on it it’s destruction not made by God’s nature weeds. It’s not for everyone like blood types it doesn’t mix well everyone don’t handle it the same way. But me I focus better. Like they say to each it’s own. Separating something natural isn’t right

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  7. Im 39 years old and a mother of a 9 month miracle baby boy and I was just diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer and I start my first rounds of chemo and radiation Monday and I can tell u that the pain from this cancer is worse than any pain I have ever felt in my life including labor. Sometimes the pain is so bad it literally makes me pass out. If CBD oil will help that then Im definitely gonna look into that!

  8. It's so sad. My mom has pancreatic cancer. A gram of cannabis oil a day for 90 days is Rick Simpsons cancer protocol… $35 a gram at the cheapest dispensary.. normal folks can't afford that. Insurance should be covering marijuana

  9. That's not crazy… that's common sense. God gave us every green herb — for food and medicine. I got saved in 2012, after my heart stopped beating. I was relieved. I called out "Well, God — I guess — here I come!" and He was right there (I didn't see Him at first) with a very good question: "Wasn't there something you wanted to DO?" There was. The good Lord then sent me (from Texas!) to Denver, where I got my medical cannabis license — and healed myself of both skin and pancreatic cancer. The oil from cannabis flowers is amazing… replacing a whole pharmacopeia of poisons.

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