Tommy Chong: The most famous cannabis activist of all on Texas' legalization battle

SAN ANTONIO β€” As the state of Texas once again prepares to debate the legalization of recreational marijuana, Fox San Antonio went one on one with a man …


  1. Texas needs to get common sense and fully legalize it instead of being extremely dense. Cannabis has helped me with physical pain, normal stress and my clinical anxiety & depression. Cannabis IS and ALWAYS will be essential no matter what anyone has to say.

  2. I love this man, we're connected in a strange way, I can't speak of it but if I could ever meet him in person, I'd love to discuss it, it would blow his mind, long live Tommy and long live weed πŸ‘πŸ’šπŸ˜»βœŒοΈ

  3. Dude it's not the white family next door that gives a fk..99% of the time. it's the one percent that rule and make laws having far larger agendas than just race to take us all out at this point..

  4. Cheech: "the word marijuana is racist, it's crazy and racist"
    Reporter later asks: "what's your favorite kind?"
    Cheech: "my favorite kind is marijuana"

    Dude…. fuckin moron….

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