Top 10 Marijuana Health Benefits You Probably Didn't Know

Here are some of the most important marijuana health benefits you probably didn’t know! Marijuana or Cannabis, has a long pop culture presence and an even …


  1. its ok for lungs aswell mad people have very weak lungs bad ones all there life there smoking weed sincea kid and there old now but doing very well so appreciate this plant for making people with even very weak bodys and lungs so appreciate it for that !

  2. It would be " best practice" were my MD's, to listen to me – they deny any health benifits from weed, yet are happy to keep me on opioids.
    The MD's are not advised of any of the alternative completely medicines, that are used to amolerate the side-effects from the pharmacuticals.
    Liquid preparations from the whole canabis plant, are next on my yo do list – the oral route, has different effects, which are as enjoyable, in my experience.

  3. I will be sharing this, with my specialist doctor, who do not credit it as being of help, with my primary condition – It does help a lot with the side-effects, and the additional terminal conditions which the pharmacuticals I am prescribed, have brought on. To date 24-4-2020, no help other than pharmacuticals, have been offered by the Doctors, all of the prescriptions, myself is highly reactive to – the Doctors have been repeatedly advised of this & still refuse even satavex, so I go to the black market, for named varieties, which help enormously with 4 terminal conditions – 3 of which are due to pharmacuticals, prescribed by doctors.
    Efforts to gain releif, have brought about changes, that the Doctors are able to measure via blood tests, & yes, they've tested for THC, ILLEGALY, & are now very wary of me, as they realise, that I, am my own best physician, something they detest, as I, and one of their longest surviving clients, & one from whom they make very little money.

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  5. Can anyone explain to me, why the fock, marijuana is illegal, and alcohol and tobacco are legal…So if you're stupid enough to smoke the shit out of you couple times a day, every day it's not good!!! But if you know how to use it everything is fine, it's the same with alcohol except tobacco…And when i had a really good day, an i wanna chill watching Netflix, when i light up my pod than i have to know i could be in jail for that…I know is legal in some countries, but majority of the world thing that shit is something like ''devil's flower''

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