Topping Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 1045 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss pruning the tops of your cannabis plants to create a shorter, wider bush.


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    But ya, I always top too. Even non-weed plants like peppers.

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  2. it's funny I got 3 plants outside that started inside, 2 of them topped twice & 1 of them once, the shortest one is the once topped somehow. They are all over 6 feet now tho so can't complain lol

  3. I like to train my outdoor girls for a low profile in my Prohibition State.
    I usually create a structure with 4-6 main branches and then weave the tertiary branches into the 30" tomato cages I built around the girl.
    Definitely agree with Dude on aiming for more manageable nug sizing to keep rot from showing up…nothing more depressing

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