Transplanting a Root Bound Cannabis Plant

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  1. I take an empty solo cup and place it in the empty pot and fill the new soil around it. Then after it's full, I take the empty cup out and now I have a perfect spot to place my new plant in the pot.

  2. You should rip open the soil and break the circling roots.I grab the roots and pull them apart all down the sides,and rip the bottom outwards and then tuck it in the hole.It does not do ant harm.I have even taken a plant in a one gallon pot,cut the roots and soil down with scissors, to fit back in a beer cup,put it in a box and mailed to a friend with no problems whatsoever.Where you will run into problems is when you don't break the circling roots.If you put the plant in the soil with the roots circling,they will just keep circling and you will have a plant that does nothing for days or weeks.It is a total myth that you have to be killer gentle with the roots.It was a mistake I made a few times until I tried ripping apart the roots.What a difference it made.If you are really paranoid,then use scissors and cut 1/4 inch off all the way around the sides and off the bottom.Or you can make 4 equal cuts 1/4 inch deep from top to bottom of the sides of the soil.Whatever you do,DO NOT,I REPEAT,DO NOT put it in the new pot with the roots circling.

  3. @grow420guide should I top my outdoor grow? 1st grow, one month seedlings time to put in 1 – 3 gallon pots from what I've seen on youtube. I'm working on a budget so I'm going to get plastic grocery bags to fill with soil & put them in there for now till i get pots in a week. I'm using sort from the ground for now n tap water. every thing is bubbling.

  4. If your transplanting a plant into a bigger pot isnt the theory that the bigger pot should be no more than a few inches bigger than the old pot so the plant doesent feel overwelmed by a huge pot and therefore the plant will suffer because the plant will have much more water around the roots and will be colder ? this is what ive heard so by all means correct me if this is wrong

  5. why spend extra money on those grow bags when you can go to a grocery store like safeway and buy their reusable green bags?? the exact same shit but the safeway bags cost less than a buck

  6. ok, I'm confused, I have 5 seedlings that are just about 2 weeks old and they're just sprouting their second set of true leaves…..

    So to me that plant look ENORMOUS for three weeks old…….. I acxutally trnasplanted them anyway and found that the bottom of the dirst was COMPLETELY covered in roots and they started to travel up the sides as well… not bound YET.. but not far away……

    But agian they are ONYL just now sprouting their second set of true leaves so I'm confused.

  7. @G420G:
    I have never been growing weed but to me it seems like you needed to transplant her couple of days earlier…
    I mean, that cup is really small…

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