Travelling Medical Marijuana States of America & How CannabisCureTV works

Thankyou for watching CannabisCureTV! Over the last few months I have been travelling some of the 16 MMJ States in the US and have also received questions …


  1. Thank you Greg for helping me. I followed your diet and it has help me improve the quality of my life. I say this with tears in my eyes but it's so true. I've moved to Loveland CO like you the quality and illegality of cannabis in Florida was too much to take. You will be welcome in my home after it's built (late Dec early Jan). If you plan to stay or visit the states again you'll always have a place on Loveland Good health to you!

  2. @mentallystressed YouTube offered me a partnership 3 months ago, I applied and by no surprise got denied due to inappropriate content. However Rappers videos that have drink drugs and woman abuse, sexism and racism can still get partnerships and get paid for that on top of the many thousands they probably get already.

  3. @MidnightTHC I cut that out of the video so the dialogue flowed smoother…there were other clips laid over it and I didn't want to upload a 25 minute video as 17 mins is already long enough.

  4. Hello Greg,
    Have you plans to visit New Jersey in the coming weeks? I am aware that the MMJ program is not yet in full working order, but I was wondering if you visited would you talk to legislators, activists, prospective dispensary owners, etc? I am a NJ resident not eligible for medicinal cannabis (mental health issues do not qualify here), and I would like to get a closer look as to what is being done. Our governor has been keeping the process in limbo. Keep up your work!

  5. Having GW manufacture Sativex is a slap in the face of any medical patient, there are people around who are allergic to the ethanol in Sativex and can't use it because of that and of course the price of it is ridiculous.

  6. i know what its like not being able to do the things u love im stuck in a state that does not allow me to have my meds it sucks keep up the movement i wish i could help you but im stuck myself trying to get somewhere to be free

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