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There are a few different methods for trimming cannabis. This is a wet trim to hang dry method. This is nice if you do not want to invest in drying screens. This is …


  1. And just a lil correction, the fans don't turn yellow from flushing, once flowering starts the plant is signaled to produce flowers to reproduce and resin for protection. There is too much misinformation on youtube.

  2. Nobody wet trims, thats a rookie mistake lol. You will have a serious struggle getting the chlorophyll "hay" smell out of wet trimmed cannabis. Dry trimming allows the resin to stay intact and prevent the water and chlorophyll from oozing all over the finished flowers.

  3. I've smoked weed with my brother and my dad back then but didn't know how to trim and grow it. i applied for a job to trim the buds but I don't have any experience so that's why I am here lol

  4. The only thing I would say is wrong in my opinion, is after you remove all the fan leaves that have no thc on them, hang your weed to dry for at least 3-4 days before you start trimming sugar leaves and any leaves with Crystal. I can tell you from experience that if you trim sugar leaves while the bud is fresh and wet, 100% of the time the weed will smell like hay once it's dried. If you let the weed dry for a few days then trim the sugar leaves you won't have that problem and the weed will keep it's dank smell once it's fully dried. There's no debate in this, I've done it both ways many times. Now that I know this I never wet trim any bud I grow, I let it dry then trim it, it's the only way. The only problem doing it this way is it shortens the window of time to trim, store and cure your bud. Once the Buds are dry enough to trim, you'll only have 3-4 days to get your trimmed buds into jars or bags etc. Before the buds lose their natural moisture/stickiness and become dry, which you also don't want.

  5. It amazes me how you think you're being so informative, but really, you're giving the same, very basic info that doesn't even scrape the surface of detail. Why can't any of you long time growers mention that it all depends on the humidity & temperature where you live that decides if you should wet trim or dry trim? When I was starting out, that was always the problem. People give such basic, obscure info & that's why people fail! All you growers that say you want to help people by making these videos need to include info that lets others know that it depends on environment & conditions where you're able to trim, dry & cure. At least explain that some environments require leaving more plant material on & dry trimming later. Just all depends on the conditions where you are able to dry & cure. Not everyone has a controlled environment to do exactly how you do. This seriously needs to at least be explained bcuz new growers think there's only 1 way to do it that's universal. You should be experienced enough to know the difference & since you're making tutorial videos, you really need to explain some of that. This video & many other growers videos are setting many new growers up for failure. That's just simply the truth of the matter. Oh, and I know this is an old video, but still pertains…

  6. I just tried this for the first time. It's kind of relaxing. I hope it don't take long to get good my friend looked like Edward scissors hands. I was like damn bro! Slow down Ed!

  7. Letting scissor hash cure or dry over night, will make it much more smooth. If you smoke it right away it will still have a ton of moisture in it, and I don't know about you, but I like to smoke dry things. Better for the lungs!

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