Trying CBD for the First Time

my first time trying CBD/CBD flower ! I have a P.O. Box! Send me letters and shhhtuff. Katelyn Fitch P.O. Box 1252 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 …


  1. Alright y’all cbd can give you what seems to be a “high.” Basically what the cbd is doing is just your body and making you feel good mentally giving you that feeling that you’re high when you’re not. As where delta 9 genuinely gives you euphoria affects.

  2. I been smoking cbd hemp flower for the pass 3 days, 10 to 11 mg for cbd and 5 mg of thc and I was doing so good until, I’m kinda tripping and I had to call my mom to try to clam down ???? I though you didn’t get high..?! some one help me please, i have really bad anxiety when it comes to talking because I stutter!

  3. You remind of the blonde that stop her car on the side of the road to yell at another blonde ,who was rowing a boat in a field of sunflowers. She yelled out if I could swim, I come out there and kick your ass, because it's blondes like you that give blondes like me a bad name.
    Just so you know I enjoyed your vid. And yes that hemp will still get that ass high/ busted on test and law enforcement, at least here in the states.
    Stay cool U
    Peace Grease

  4. Never seen your videos before and I know this one is over a year old but have you tried Delta-8 THC? As obnoxious as it is, my current state refuses to pass the MMJ bill even though over 80% of the public are asking for it so, until I move back home to FL, I’m stuck using all kinds of cannabinoid mixtures in a vape pen and a Delta-8 THC vape pen to help my chronic pain. The mixture helps. I use it for chronic pain and for anxiety. I’ve never been a smoker so the vape pen appeals to me more. The Delta8 THC gummies put me to sleep but the vape pens help during the day.

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