TRYING CBD OIL FOR THE FIRST TIME | EPILEPSY Aurora tries CBD oil for the first time. We really hope it helps with her epilepsy and that she will have less …


  1. I don’t know if she is old enough for this yet, but my brother has severe epilepsy and he has a VNS implant that helps quite a bit. He still takes quite a bit of medication and also some cbd oil. It’s an implant that is triggered by a magnet you can have on your wrist to swipe your chest and that shocks the brain to slow down the seizure. One down side is there is no way to tell if the battery is low and you have to have a surgery to replace the battery. So work closely with your doctors to see when seizures happen more often and have to replace the battery. It’s not super known or popular with doctors, but I would study it for the future. Also my brother has been on his own for a bit in the past and whenever he has a seizure by himself in public, an ambulance picks him up and they and the hospital have never really had a strong enough magnet on hand to help him. So that’s annoying, we hope more hospitals get more educated about epilepsy and the VNS implant.

  2. Charlottes web is the best! My son has a brain aneurysm and with a ton of research I was lucky enough to find the Stanley brothers when he was under a year old. Josh Stanley helped me long before it was "legal" just by educating me. I am so happy to see a parent who is really open to a non prescription addition. Btw- my son has never once experienced a seizure. They are a common thing among the other children with his condition. We actually have never suffered through ANY of the same experiences as the other children and he is 20 now. We are blessed- We have not been very active on the conditions support page either as we just dont share the same experiences. I find myself binge watching your channel these days. Thank you guys for sharing your lives!

  3. Just like The MILLER FAM they also used the CBD Oil for their adopted son with medical condition like Aurora.I also love their journey story of being an adoptee parents.They have 7kids with 3 biological kids.
    It seems like your biological kids and theirs are on the same age.And it seems Aurora the youngest and their youngest adoptee Lincoln was also at the same age and medical condition with seizure and speech teraphy.I wish you could get in touch one of this day for some sharing about this matter.I really admire you guys.You both in my prayers.

  4. There is a new prescription CBD oil. It's called Epidiolex. My husband takes it for his brain cancer/seizures. It was originally approved by FDA for children 2 years ago. It is a prescription if your insurance does not cover it the actual Company has a program called Epidiolex Engage. The CBD oil in prescription is also more dose accurate. Through the program she may get it for free.

  5. I take CBD for social anxiety, but…I also have epilepsy. The CBD has helped with both of these illnesses. I have finally found the right mix of medications so I havent had a seizure in almost 2 months.
    Keep up with the CBD! It's really amazing stuff!!

  6. Try giving two drops on the inner lip on bottom and massage it in at the start of a seizure as well as daily prevention . After a while you will notice that she can calm down enough for attention span and memory . Great job ! I am a parent of a girl (21) and full time caregiver of her . We started using Medical CBD 1000 mg . And it brings her out of the onset of her seizures , and way less recovery time .

  7. My older sister has epilepsy and she's 18 and still has seizures they have her on multiple medications and it's not to long ago that I seen on of her episodes they are scary and my family knows what y'all are going through and I'll be praying for Aurora.

  8. Hello Chrystal. My nephew has seizures as well. He is on five different seizure medications plus has madazilan and diastat for back up. He has been doing on the Keto diet for several years now which has helped with his seizures a lot. We want to try to not only lower his medication intake but also hopefully take him off at least half his medication. We have heard about the CBD oil but are afraid to use it. Do you recommend us trying it. I greatly appreciate you sharing your story with us.

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