unPHILtered: How Marijuana Affects The Brain

Dr. Phil explains how smoking marijuana can affect the brain and have lasting effects. Dr. Phil tells compelling stories about real people. The Dr. Phil Show is an …


  1. My 23 year old tells her 13 year old sister that it’s normal to smoke cannabis. This child already has learning disabilities and diagnosed adhd. And on top of it the big sister likes to tell people and her sister that I’m looking for problems where there’s none, that I’m negative and toxic everytime I try to put limits and consequences. Since the older one doesn’t live with us, it’s sad, but I’m seriously considering cutting her off from our lives.

  2. I’m 13 and don’t smoke drink or anything but I’ve watched multiple documentaries videos and research that weed isn’t bad for you there are people that smoked it for 70 years and are just fine all it does is make you calm

  3. Research the connection between Harry J Anslinger and William R Hearst's " yellow journalism " and you will find out a lot about cannabis prohibition and the lies that brought it about.

  4. i think adults are forgetting that our personalities and emotions are learned and trained into our brains as who we "are" so when you try changing you get caught up saying be yourself or be "normal" and either way will lead to the same behavior thanks to the higher ratio in problematic kids and "good" kids. (good is a relative word, noone is innocent)

  5. This kid needs a proper parent, weed has nothing to do with how helpless this woman is. But still, weed should be concidered after 25, the ONE point me and "Dr." Phil agree on.

  6. He's talking about Legal alcohol not weed , will never understand how Alcohol can be legal and not weed when its 100 times more dangerous and you don't see people smoking weed get annoying with the same DISC on repeat , or overly in love with you touching you telling you how much they like you…. or the aggressive type of drinker who drinks and picks fights every freaking time , or the guy that drinks and drives drunk swerving all over the place and kills someones , ever gotten any friend in n accident because of weed lol nope but alcohol yes.I have friends that stop everyday at a park roll and smoke and leave they have been doing this for 30 years many times a day not one accident.

  7. Dr. Phil, you are NOT an ACTUAL DOCTOR… I agreed with you about disciplining your kids when they're young to prevent delinquency when they're older, but marijuana is the ONLY reason I have interest in DOCUMENTARIES which has GIVEN me a higher IQ, my husband has been smoking marijuana since he was 13 and he has an IQ of 131. As far as motivation. Ever since I quit smoking marijuana, I've been sleeping A LOT, and not well either… When I have marijuana to smoke, I sleep better, and therefore have more motivation during the day. Stop speaking on things you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, PLEASE!

  8. Honestly smoking weed isnt really that bad. No deaths alcohol and cigarettes kill millions of people but they are look at as more normal I guess idk. But still your a child you should not being smoking weed its not great for the brain

  9. Kids act out because their parents weren't there in any natural capacity because of 40+ hour work weeks and so on, so kids develop abandonment issues and all of the problems follow. Anyone with a basic knowledge of psychology understands this. Dr. Phil is on a dying medium (television) and needs to say anything to get viewers so his sponsors don't back out.

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