Use Medical Marijuana Space Case Grinder for Herbal Capsules

Uses for Space Case Grinder – Herbal …


  1. Look for all those sayin you can just eat the bud and get high, you're fucking stupid, on the real if I just went and picked up an eighth off one of my guys, opened the baggie up and just dumped it all in my mouth and swallowed it, It wouldn't get you lean. To make you high You need to activate the thc first with some sort of heating method and then get it into your bloodstream! Just munchin through some grade isn't gonna absorb the cannibinoids and shit into the blood, dumbasses.

  2. @TheWeedInspector look up some vids im luvin u m8 why dont i just upload one of my old vids on me making my own hash or are you going to say im being a smart ass and just set ur sorry ass up lol will check out my hard drive on wot old vid ive got just so you no i no what im talking about ps did you check my channel read the comments afore you hit out with how to make hash vids lol lovin u m8 pps if i subscribe to your channel any chance you can upload a vid lol

  3. @effoffu Alright.. well why not look up some videos on how to make hash? Then you might understand.. try to type a bit more fluently, and spell your words right. Not trying to be rude, but really I can barely understand you.
    "drugsplaza.XXX/marijuana/how_to_make_hash.ZZZ" Might help you out a bit. Read up.
    (Replace XXX with c0|/| and (replace ZZZ with HTM.)

  4. @TheWeedInspector ive heard of hash wot kind any hash i smoke is made from thc not made of stems or fan leaves m8 in fact even the plant nos no thc on stems cause there so far away from the the bud ,flower that to pruduce on stem is pointless to catch any male pollen m8

  5. @effoffu …Don't get on here trying to be all smart when you're clearly ignorant. Haven't you ever heard of hash? It can be made entirely from leaves and stems of the plant.. while the bud, also known as the flower of the plant, is the most potent of the plant, every part.. including the stem, contain at least some thc. Read up until you go on here ranting and making yourself look silly..

  6. just caught last few posts wot the eff are u all talking about thc can be eaten and does not need to be heated to be active u do not use any leaf trim in any eatables ie cookies muffins etc you use only thc or scuff or any other name u want to call it thc crystals r the only part of a bud that gets u stoned so why the eff would u want to eat leafs

  7. @joyfullyjanet i dont actually make them but what i can show you what they look like and ask the budtender how they are made for you if you want. but when i asked b4 i think they said it has not so virgin olive oil witch has thc in it….. but not to sure ill find out tho if you want

  8. LMFAO wow that's not weed capsules your doing it wrong and don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, because I got a medical card and I've had weed capsules for free when I signed up at a medical club

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