Using Cannabis to Treat Diabetes: Jessica Peters / Mara Gordon / Green Flower

Cannabis health experts Jessica Peters and Mara Gordon explore the ways cannabis works (and doesn’t) to treat diabetes, from symptomatic expression to …


  1. Hello, greetings from Venezuela, I am a type 2 diabetic. There will be some possibility that you will help me go there since cannabis is not legalized here and resources are few to import.

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  5. Iโ€™ve been researching, sheโ€™s pushing CBD too much. If you want to help diabetics (more specifically pot smoking ones) would benefit the most from THC-V. 95-99% of stuff they sell isnโ€™t what you need. Youโ€™ll be lucky to even get a bud tender that even knows about theses compounds are. It really does start with you, and your gut health. I literally lived this, Iโ€™ll make sure my weeds organic but the shit I put in my body isnโ€™t. Subscribe to my channel Iโ€™ll be making my own educational videos.

  6. I am a T1 diabetic and have been using various cannabis products since Jan 2019, with positive results. Stats from Jan: weight 210, A1C 6.0, Basal 10-12 units/day, Bolus 0-8 units/day (using 1 unit per five grams of carbohydrates to correct), cpep 373. Three months after implementing cannabis into my treatment protocol my weight was down to 165lbs(never under 200lbs my entire teen/adult life with a high of 420lbs at age 19), Basal 4-7 units/day, Bolus 0-2 units a day (1 unit now will cover 25 grams of carbohydrates). Other observations after the first three or four months was that RSO or Hash worked better at controlling blood sugar than any flower I tried. My wife prefers flower and uses it for anxiety, so I tried twenty plus over that time; ones we bought and some we grew ourselves.

    At one point I missed my Basal dose and decided to see how long it would be before I needed to take it or a bolus. The result was blood sugar from 4.5 (81) – 6.5 (117) for ten days with just a carnivore diet and smoking cannabis. Then I forgot my insulin on a trip to the US and because I look like a narc I could not buy any cannabis where I was, so three days without insulin or cannabis. The highest point my blood sugar got to over the weekend was 8.9 (160) on Saturday night but had gone back to 6.0 (108) by the morning.

    At about the seven month mark I had labs done and everything is great, with the best A1C I have ever had at 5.2, but the real surprise was the cpep had gone up to 514. Five years ago when I was first diagnosed it was 341 and I was told it would eventually go to zero and there was nothing I could do about it. Then after three years of keto/carnivore diets I had it up to 373, but the doctor and endocrinologist dismissed the improvement, as both tests considering statistical error, could be basically the same. But it had NOT gone to zero or even headed towards it, so to me this was some kind of positive result.

    Most folks who are not diabetic may not know what cpep is, so: From, "C-peptide is a widely used measure of pancreatic beta cell function. It is produced in equimolar amounts to endogenous insulin but is excreted at a more constant rate over a longer time." This makes it a viable indicator of pancreas function. I am in no way implying this is some kind of cure, as there is no cure for T1 diabetes at this time, but things are headed in a positive direction.

    Ok, so what is going on around here? How did smoking cannabis, drop my weight, decrease the amount a gram of carbohydrates would raise my blood sugar, make my rapid insulin 3-5 time more effective, allow me to use 30% less basal insulin? I changed nothing in my diet, for the last three years I have been 95% or so zero carb/carnivore, whatever you want to call it and have done zero exercise. When I asked the diabetes nurse and my doctor, neither had an answer. My pharmacist said she felt the cannabis was enhancing and/or improving my liver function and this was the reason for the great results in so many areas. It could be that or it could be boosting stem cell production. Viacyte has human trials currently underway, implanting blank stems cells that go onto make new beta cells in diabetics. I do not know if this is the case or not, I can only state the results I have achieved.

  7. From what I recall The US Government has a US PATENT ( since the 90โ€™s)on a process using marijuana for the purpose of helping diabetics get off of insulin.

  8. I'm certainly no scientist, but I do have Type 2 diabetes and in my case, it lowers my blood sugar, but I also found that I needed to change strains every few weeks for it to continue doing so. My blood sugar was always a little high, esp. so after eating a lot of carbs, but even before I found out I had diabetes, I never would get the munchies as did most of my fellow smokers. I always attributed that to it lowering glucose levels, but as I said, I am no scientist and don't have anything other than anecdotal "evidence" to back up that belief. I would recommend reading a book called "Sugar Blues" by William Duffy to anyone with diabetes or concerned about their sugar intake or, if for no other reason, to read about his own experiences as well as the history of sugar in civilization.

  9. Thanks for the video. My mom has diabetes ima talk to her about it. We do Need more research. I want my mom to live a long life. I'm grateful for cannabis it does so much good. โœŒ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ

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