Vape or Smoke Cannabis? – Why I Dry Herb Vape

Do you smoke your cannabis or vape it? let me know below! In this video I talk about dry herb vaping and why I do it instead of smoking.


  1. I just order my first vape its called Argo by Arizus and i cant wait to get it πŸ˜€ i have some questions for you I have heard the high is different when vaping do you agree on that? if so in what way ? I also heard that it can take a long time to get high from vaping like compared to lets say smoking a bowl.. is that true? if you have the vape heated up how long does it take to finish a bowl?

  2. This was actually a good review it kinda dragged a little but you had my full attention thanks for the heads up I have been interested in vaping ganja as compared to smoking it in a joint I am a little curious to find one out there that can produce a decent cloud the issue I have with vaping oils is the hit is very poor compared to cigarettes I can very easily smoke my vapour for 7 straight minutes where as 1 cigarette can sort me out instantly and its effect can fix me for around an hour I have opted for vaping to help give up smoking but obviously I still want to smoke ganja and this looks like the best alternative, edibles are not my thing drinking it in a tea however is something I do like but its all about the effects smoking it is to me alot more different than consuming it, thanks again fella

  3. Took me about a week to switch over (almost fully) to vaporizing. Because I was continuing to combust the cannabis, the vaporizing just didn’t hit the spot. Took me a week of just vaping to find the high was stronger, better, longer, and easier on my body. Everything is 10/10.

  4. Fuck yea I've been burning my cannabis. I been burnin' it until the ash is white as snow my guy. However, I just bought a starry Xmax V3 waiting on it to arrive, I tried dry herb vaping last year, I went and bought a utilian 421, didnt like it, sold it to my friend.. not enough vapor and wasn;t getting me high. The starry xmax v3 I seen alot of positive reviews for and it was on sale, so I'm going to give it another try…. Why? because my thoat is starting to kill me, 15 years on the Bong is starting to take its toll.

  5. Yo, this was mad informative. I'm most likely never gonna partake BUT I'm glad I understand a lot more about vaping and even cannabis now. Could you do a video where you take on vaping in a general sense in the next vid? Like facts vs fears.

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