Vaping, Marijuana, and the Effects on the Adolescent Brain with Dr. Ruth Potee

This talk on drugs and addiction is for middle school students and parents. Dr. Ruth Potee, a medical doctor and an expert on addiction, visited the O’Maley …


  1. I'm use after weed reached hospital that time something happened in brain now day I'm suffering my brain have inside something happened like press inside brain and also high pressure doctor said its may be chemical change help me I'm so scare may be stroke.i thing may be come mental problems.

  2. this is what this old speech will never work! you guys put marijuana on the same leve AS HEROIN and realy want that these teeanager take u seriously? come on

  3. I want to know where the real world evidence for nicotine doing long term damage to the teen brain is? It doesn't exist. Now I am not saying that it does nothing but it is nowhere close to the extent that the anti vaping crowd likes to claim. Besides where was all this fake concern for the teen brain when it came to cigarettes and nicotine gums, patches, lozenges, etc.? What they fail to tell everyone is that it is all based on animal testing, mostly lab mice & rats and they don't compensate for the difference in size & weight between the animals and the humans. By the way showing a scan of a brain reacting to something it enjoys or doesn't enjoy mean absolutely nothing on its own. Hook my brain up to the damn machine while I am getting a blowjob after smoking a good joint & I will probably break the damn machine.

  4. There's a lot about how marijuana is addictive when you're a teen, but they really glossed over why it's bad to actually have it as a teen. From what I gathered it:

    1. Cuts the amount of dopamine your body can naturally produce
    2. Prevents your brain from expanding, but how?

  5. I came here to learn about the dangers of vaping in general because many of my kids friends in jr high and high school are juuling and talking about it. But, this was such a great talk, explained so well, I wish every young person could listen to her. It’s not about just being able to “just say no”. Education on drugs and the brain is the way to approach the teen instead of scare tactics.

  6. Ugh , she lost me as soon as she said weed is addictive.

    Spreading false information like this ruins your whole point. There are legitimate “dangers” of smoking weed as an adolescent; but when you lie like this as soon as these kids find out your whole argument is now invalid (even though some of your argument was legitimate).

  7. Yet Antidepressants, Amphetamines, Antipsychotics, Antihistamines, and NSAIDs are perfectly good to use daily from age 3 and up. LOL. Disgusting. Advise against those drugs first, especially alcohol, yet there’s so much against Cannabis. Lol.

  8. 15:10 – purpose of cannabinoids fro cell survival @ the moment of expression is down regulatory … homeostasis of cellular signalling is a result of cannabinioid metabolism… in fact – cannabinoid receptors are the only cell receptors to go post to pre synaptic in their signalling.. known as retrograde signals… the plant cannabinoids are a form of that expression when man ingests them .

  9. Thank you so much for this video. Well presented for teens and hits on all relevant topics including vaping and high TCH. I have been looking for this type of presentation. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for an excellent presentation, I will be looking for more from you. I recently attended a training by Dr. Paul Baker and asked how marijuana effected brain development and he did not have an answer for me, hence my online search for an answer. I work with adolescents and specialize in addiction.

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