Virginia Cannabis – Will Virginia Legalize Marijuana in 2021? | Virginia Marijuana Laws

Will Virginia Legalize Marijuana in 2021? Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced on Monday that he wants to legalize cannabis in 2021. Chelsea Higgs …


  1. Guess what is fixing to happen and why it will happen? Here Isaiah is saying that our God will bring people to us that are naked and in chains that we can do with them as we please. However since our God raised us correctly and in righteousness we would feed them, clothe them, house them, and teach them. All for free with our money and our work. You do understand not for a price or payment or award meaning we would never expect you to pay us back for it all and you wouldn’t have to work before we set you free or after whatever you worked for you ate.

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  3. In my opinion,if the Governor was trying in support of Legalizing Marijuana,why didn't He just do it, Instead of playing politics with it?!
    If He was Weed Friendly,why did He refuse to allow Natural Flowers or Buds,to be sold in the Medical Cannabis Dispensaries???!!!
    You allow potentially dangerous thc vapes amd all sorts of bullshit potions but WHERE'S THE WEED?! YOU'RE REALLY BEGINNING TO DANCE AROUND THIS ISSUE LIKE THE SCALEYWAGS OF THE COMMUNIST REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!

  4. We don't have Medical Marijuana,We have a bull shit joke in Our faces! I wonder,if the Governor of Virginia was high when He recently reformed the Medical Products??!
    You can't even buy real Cannabis Flowers or Buds if You prefer, this is a sick farce of Judicial Changes that almost happened! Almost counts for absolutely nothing!!!
    ,We Voted for You to get the Job done,get off the goddamnd Pot or stop even talking about the shit!
    REPUBLICANS do not believe in LIBERTY or Freedom or Democracy including States Rights!!!
    Save Marijauna,, Dismantle the Empireacle Drug War of the Republican Party!!!
    Criminalize the Repulibcan Party and Legalize Marijauna,in every State! We are the People,they don't serve You,they dictate to You that as long as They stay in Thier Offices, MARIJAUNA LEGALIZATION WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ALL EVEN COMPASSIONATE MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACCESS WILL NEVER HAPPEN! THEY WOULD RATHER KILL EVERY PERSON IN EACH STATE THAN ALLOW US TO REGAIN OUR RIGHTS AND LIBERTY'S!!!

  5. Its not right or fair to call only Cannabis Industry Shops and or ABC stores to make legal Marijauna sales. All Stores and Shops that currently are involved with Tobacco and CBD sales, should be able to sell Legal Marijuana without any requirements, applications, Permits or specialized licences!

  6. Legalize Marijuana rids Society of Unlawful Searches and Siezures. This ends Racial Disparities and Injustices.
    It stops Law Enforcement from side stepping Our Constitutional Rights!
    This,is the number 1 Reason Law Enforcement doesn't want to see Marijauna Legalization occurre. It reverses the sadistic erosions of Our God Given Rights.
    If so called Decriminalization is done instead of Legalization,it only leaves room for Repulibcans and Thier Drug War Cops to use loopholes that will continue to allow Them to persue Marijauna Users!
    Decriminalization does nothing!
    Look at North Carolina!!!
    They still use it and its smell as a means to conduct an Unconstitutional Search and Siezure and allow Them to extort Money from Thier Victims!!!

  7. Howdy Pals,,I just wanted to reach out and mention something to You, that jas really been irking Me.
    You sae My Post about how the Repulibcan Party blocks Marijauna Legalization.
    I even referred to them as the Communist Repulibcan Party,therein is the reason I wanted to reach out, tonight.
    When You take into account that this Party,is not only responsible for the Drug War and refusing to allow Mari Legalization,its alot more sinister than this. These B@stards steal every cent they can from State's Yearly Fiscal Federal Funds available, even Taki the left over Surplus Revenue at the end of the Years,ti hire more and more and more cops. Buy more SUV's and Dodge Chargers,Tanks,Armored Vehicles, Helicopters, Special Access Weapons purchased from the Industrial War Complex,ti be used against American Citizens in American Soil. Like paid killers,they use a knarks information to carry out attacks at 2 or 3 in the morning with a No knock Warrant, busting inside every door and window shooting everything and everyone inside a resident that screams or tries to run in fear.
    Often times,They have had the wrong address and People were murdered in cold blood! Through dirty Election processes and nepitism They clung onto power at certain levels of Government. Even controlling the Centralized Government. They have remained in power over the US SENATE, which allows Them to shoot down anything Congress tries to approve. This is why,the Moore Act,a Bill drafts by Congress to Legalize Marijauna on the Federal Level,was post-poned by Congress. They knew the SENATE was made up predominantly by the Repulibcan Party. The SENATE SPEAKER is non other than Kentucky Senator Repulibcan Mitch Mcconnell,who was all too willingness to use His Special Majority Power to strike down the Moore Act. Aided and abetted by other sh!t headed Repulibcans such as SC Repulibcan Lindsey Graham!
    In every State where You have a Republican Governor and or Senator, You absolutely will not ever see Marijauna legalized!
    They refuse to allow it,refuse to allow the People of the State to have it on a Ballot measure,effectively denying true Democracy,and in doing so, they deny States Rights and keep the People under them in virtual Shackles! They do not Represent Thier Constituents. Instead,they Rule like Mini-Dictators!!! Due to the Empire They created and to sustain Thier Drug War,Drug Czar and Police State, They steal even more and more money and property from the Private Sector and all levels of State and Federal Governments!
    This is evident in Our entire Society.
    They are the reasons for lack of funding for everything else in America. They've cleaned out fundings for Assistance for the Elders and Disabled, School Lunch Programs, Unemployment Benefits, Social Security Funding, Social Security Disability Funding,Rental, Housing,Heating, Utility Assistance Programs,Higher Education Grants,Small Business and Economic Building Grants,Day Care Assistance Programs for single Parents, Health Coverage and Services, Mental Health Services, Employment Office Staffing,Teachers Pay, Firefighter's and other Civil Officers.Local amd State Park Maintenance,if You can imagine something in Our Society and wonder what happened to it amd why is it all being defunded and closed down,its due solely to maintain The Repulibcan Partys Police State Empire!
    (DRUG WAR STORM TROOPERS) can further Victimize You by taking away the little Freedom You have,and throw You into a Prison for Profits System. Corporate Prisons and The Corporations that own the Prisons are Party affiliates of the Repulibcans. Otherwise, they wouldn't recieve the billions of dollars annually, in Federal Contracts!
    Through forfieture laws and unconstitutional Searches and Siezures they steal all Your money, Your Car or Cars,rob Your Bank Account,take Your Family Home from Your Family, putting Your loved ones on the Streets and putting You into Thier Prisons!
    They fully destroy Americans. You loose Your Job and Your Family in the process. Nothing could be more Evil than this Drug War!!! Drugs do not even a fraction of the damages that Thier Policies achieve!
    With all the information I have presented to You, I emplore You to look up the definition of a Capitalist State Government and then look up the definition of a Communist State Government!
    They take everything but dirt on the ground and wouldn't give that much back to the affected Communities!
    These Communist Repulibcans are now exposed!!!
    They CRY out about how Democrats are Evil Socialists and are going to Destroy AMERICA!!! Not all Democrats are Socialists and not all Socialists are Democrats!!!!
    Let Me inform You, Socialists and Socialism are what made this Nation,Great at One point in time!!! That's why We had Trade Unions to keep Capitalists from using Children in Sweat Shops Making maybe $2.00 a Day and no limits in hours or labor. They acted on the behalf of the Employees, against Corporations and Businesses that had predatory Employment practices. They looked ahead for the future of Employees as they got Older,by forming the Social Security Administration and other Employee Protection Programs such as the 401 K plan.
    To put a label on Socialism is hard. But it is definitely more Democratic and more concerned with the People than Capitalist!
    Im not trying to recruit for any Party or Political System. Im not a Democrat, not a Republican I am an Independent Voter. I do have am objective and a goal however. That is to inform Other's of the Evils of the Repulibcan Party and allow Everyone to behold the knowledge of exactly Who has Our Nation in bondage and chains!
    Until America,State by State, eradicates this Treasonous threat, Our Chains will remain forever embedded into Our flesh.
    Defund and Dismantle these Evil Totalitarians!

  8. Listen, Colorado is being double crossed…. they recently quadroupled the minimum price at the recreational dispensaries… they are also checking pocket knives at the door which is not done in liquor stores or most bars…. the combination will cause an increased schism between rich and poor, as well as set up a diversion which will prevent the people from demanding vast drop in housing rates, while being made into the bad guys for not only producing that diversion while demanding drops in marijuana prices, but will split up their families as many choose to pay a car payments worth of money toward marijuana as if it were as naturally expensive as cocain or similar hard physical addicting drugs. You need to understand… you must not talk trash about your neighboring states… you must not give yourselves an excuse to say there is nothing you can do because of face masks, fake plagues or any other similar…and you must not take the bait to bad mouth each other……. prepare for it….. force the dropping of the marijuana prices in a way that does not causes farther injury… and do not allow them to intertwine stuff like social justice or legalization of heroin or similar with your safer choice movement… do not allow them to claim right to embezzle for drug treatment programs…. all of these things are what once a long time ago led to a term called "knit wit"…… if you allow the leadership to convince you to tie everything together …than you will lose the good with the bad… nitted together in dishonest desperation is knit wit … as in knitted yarn.

    Please …. pass this message along… watch my video titled Drinking while driving… and my other videos…. I will do the best i can as i always have to protect you while i can.

    you need to totally legalize marijuana in all quantities immediately…. some law enforcement will take the bait to betray their oaths and start busting private growers for helping out the poor people and selling instead of giving away marijuana…. they will cause many many many of your neighbors to lose their fams, homes, and future for nothing but empowerment of leadership willing to lay you to waste in fake plague embezzlement scams, housing scams, medical scams.. etc…..

    Sincerely…. I love honest law enforcement… who respect their oaths not to support or enforce corrupt laws or perceptions of right to scuttle the peoples will.

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