Virginia governor pushes to legalize marijuana

Virginia governor pushes to legalize marijuana.


  1. Of course CBS shows a comment from someone against making a plant legal. Mind you a plant, that has never killed anyone, which can't even be said for coffee. Why are we taking these people seriously again? Dr. or not, weed is just a plant.

  2. My black Americans who own land are about to get wealthy asf!!

    Plus those black Americans who were targeted back in the 80s , 90s etc for weed should be first for marijuana contracts..

  3. marijuana is so easy to get it doesnt even matter if it's legal or not , I'm 56 and Its been easy to get from when I was a teen all the way up to now.

  4. the contradiction of it getting in to young peoples hands is ridiculous. Can we bring up alcohol in that sense too. It’s a closed conversation that we let young people drink and it’s okay. We somewhat advertise to them and to a certain extent what can we do make shitty tasting alcohol/weed?

  5. Fire on the Mountain!!! Yeah Hah!
    No Decriminalization Allows the Continuances of REPUBLICAN Oppression, Whose Sidd R You On Pal? Get away from the Governor's Ear,Ya Jackass!
    Great Job 👍 Governor!
    Pardon Me?

  6. It's an untapped revenue stream that already exists anyway. People are going to do it, and keep doing it, regardless of what legal barriers you put up. If it's legal, we defang the drug dealers and pushers, we force the industry to submit to regulation and oversight. Sunlight is the greatest disinfectant, and having this industry made public and transparent is the right thing to do.

    Legalize it, regulate it, sell it, and tax it. A boon for both the state and small businesses.

  7. Yeah, all we need is marijuana circulating through middle and high schools. It’s already been happening and it’s not even legal yet.
    I am fine with it used for medical reasons and for personal use but what I am concerned about it the unresponsible people that will be using it.

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