'Vitamin Weed': How Everyone Can Benefit From Daily Cannabis Oil

“Cannabis is the key to unlocking preventative medicine,” says neuroscientist Dr. Michelle Ross. “It helps protect your DNA from damage so it can actually slow …


  1. Remember it is Indica based Simpson oil which cures cancer and why aren’t these two shills bugging up Cancer cure ? I am sure Rick would be furious at these two bimbo shills.

    Fuck you bitches.

  2. For generations, islanders considered it "The Cure for All Diseases" and they ate meat, milk and coconut oil daily. ( lovy.biz/jcvp ) Although this diet was high in saturated fats, Western diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease were virtually unknown.

  3. I love this doc!! Absolutely we have to feed our ECS's to PREVENT disease and optimize our neurological functions. I've been using cannabis for 31 years and despite having 5 NDE's, numerous, devastating injuries, multiple, severe head traumas, etc etc, I've only been 'sick' less than 10 times in 44 years. I never get sick whatsoever. What the government did was very sick. They caused millions of torturous deaths by knowing the cures in the 30's, then definitive proof that THC and delta-8-THC killed brain and lung cancers in 1972, then criminalizing this medicine so Pig-pharma could rake in billions and billions of dollars @ our expense. Its infuriating…..

  4. I left the nursing field in part because I felt no better than a drug dealer. Cold pressed whole plant hemp oil, I believe is a big answer to the corrupt pharmaceutical based medical system that creates serious symptoms called diseases. This woman, Dr. Michele Ross, to me represents a true healing DOCTOR! I will pray for her and those like her for the rest of my life, as I do my family daily. My husband and I are on the doorstep of losing our 33 year old son, from narcotic addiction, to what? One freaken nightmare, for some, Suboxone. God so protect REAL MEDICAL PEOPLE!

  5. I've been using cannabis oil now for two months. I've been able to cut in half my medication that is very addictive . one of them is morphine. I have never been able to sleep and cannabis oil helps me in that area. It helps me with my MS. I am no longer anxious. I haven't felt like dying was a better option than living. it's a miracle drug. and I am so grateful for my son . & his information on cannabis.. I will be cutting down my medication gradually until I am completely off morphine. that I've been addicted to for over 15 years. after my cancer the doctors were very happy to put me on that kind of pain medication. and at that time I had to have it. but no longe, s I will never stop using cannabis oil

  6. Using cannabis without being sick is very healthy… ( just know the limits ) . I am vaporizing my medication, I am very sick, it's keeping me alive…. lets put it that way. ( PLEASE WAKE UP PEOPLE ) Very very good upload, keep up the great positive energy. ✌💚✌

  7. I have been on various types of medication for bipolar disorder and severe anxiety/depression for as long as I can remember. Even on the medications, I would still suffer from crippling anxiety attacks and this caused me to miss work and not really live my life to its fullest. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that a local shop started carrying CBD oil and I decided to give it a shot. I have not had one single hint of any anxious feelings since then. And on a plus that I wasn't expecting……All of the pain in my lower back, hands and knees from bad arthritis is now non-existent and I no longer have to take harmful, addictive pain medications. CBD oil has changed my life for the better.

  8. Too bad many comments are being blocked by YouTube. Can't send a reply. Use Organic Cold-Pressed CBD oils and glycerin infused products. There are many on the market, but few really work. I use a very good product that is shipped in the US to anywhere.

  9. where can I order cannabis oil for my nuero disorder that N.I.H calls Functional disorder. I would like to give it a try since I've tried almost every medication known to man.

  10. medicating people to deal with stress in life that leeds to shootings and suicide, is as moronic as it gets . Actually looking at the causes of the stress etc. that is what is needed, not medicating… this woman has just made weed the same as SSRI medication, just better. She is dedicating her life to finding ways to ignore the problem being society, and giving people a substance to make them put up with a shit situation easier. What a dumb bitch… what a shame, she really just doesn't get it at all.

  11. It is true that everyone can benefit from cannabis… but unfortunately not everyone will.
    There are people in the world that will watch a video like this and ether be convinced or confirm that cannabis and cannabis alone can change their lives, for better or worse.

    I know cannabis can help with such things like anxiety and depression, and if this is something you (whomever reading this) or someone you know are affected by I would advise that you seek counselling and therapy for… don't get me wrong cannabis can be a big help with the right education. Unfortunately most people that self medicate rather than seeking the help of professionals become dependent and end up with more psychology disorders than they started with.


    You may find you don't need cannabis because everything you need is in hemp

    Sorry if this sounds like a jumbled up mess… I am dyslexic and epileptic and discovering the different ways cannabis can be applied in to your life.

    I am not a professional of any kind

    Namaste and have a nice day

  12. Michelle was awesome on big brother!! So cool that she is helping others understand the amazing benefits of cannabis. As a neuroscientist, she discusses the connection of such benefits promoting overall brain health and this is the truth.

  13. I've been taking cannabis oil suppositories for a couple weeks now, for an issue I'm having in that area. It's too soon to notice any results, but I have noticed some effects. My back and knee aren't aching, I sleep very well and awaken totally refreshed, and my mood and thought processes seem to have iimproved.

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