Want A State Cannabis Cultivation License? Good Luck

The road to legal cannabis is hitting a few potholes. A new report from a cannabis business organization shows that only a fraction of the marijuana cultivators in …


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  2. The cottage cannabis farmers bill helps people who want to cultivate and don’t need legal authorization from their city. You purchase it from Cal dept of Food and Ag. An outdoor lets you grow up to 25 mature plants and is about $1800 annually while the indoor cottage grow lets you use up to 500sqft of canopy inside. That’s about $2000 give or take some bucks. It’s meant to help the smaller farmers who can’t afford to pay the astronomical amount of $20k for the bigger grows. On the document it clearly states “Applicant may–but does not have to–provide local license, permit, or other written documentation
    • Regardless, CDFA will notify the local jurisdiction to determine whether applicant is in compliance with all local laws and ordinances”

  3. Do you honestly think that bud isn't being consumed, better for them as they don't have to pay taxes 👌I prefer the non tax route, taxation is theft 😍

  4. Thia is exactly why the black market will continue and will always be. Just like everything else!!! But as we know if you have the cash to pay off then you'll have your peemit. Which is bullshit!!! There is no free enterprise for the small one.

  5. What happened to the free market? Government involvement in the economy to this extent breeds monopolys and curruption. Unjustlaws are ment to be broken. No jury will come back with a guilty verdict for a felony for somthing the state is sanctioning and profiting on a few miles down the road. Its called jury nullification and it has been a successful defence in multiple cannabis cases.

  6. We Need to start making state laws that includes clause's that says County's Cannot and have no Right to Violate this State law that the People voted for! I feel every county that is Doing this to up hold Federal Law is Violating Amendment 3 section 3.5 of The California State Constitution!!! theses County's should be Sued Broke By The people who's Rights they are violating!

  7. if you take a step back or two, and think about this. we need a license from some government to grow a plant!!! what's next? will we need a license to grow non GMOs in our backyard?

  8. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for a license to GROW A PLANT?!?!? The State of California isn't very smart. People will continue to grow illegally when you try to extort them like that with licenses costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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