Weed: 12 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Look at some interesting facts about the world’s most beloved plant (Weed, Marijuana, Pot). Marijuana, also known as weed or pot, refers to the dried leaves, …


  1. A few years back they legalized marijuana in the state of Oregon, and now they have several problems. Go ahead and let your state legalize marijuana and you can experience the same thing. The inflated prices of building supplies, pollution, the drug deals gone bad, plus not to mention more people on welfare because they can't get a real job. Many of these places around here hire people under the table so they don't even pay taxes. I see more people on welfare that can't pay for their own food but they can afford to buy their marijuana.

  2. just pointing something out that between the US and the Netherlands the US 314 million more people than the Netherlands so of course the Netherlands is gonna have a statistically lower percentage of people that have tried marijuana compared to the us idk just felt i had to throw it out there

  3. Actually, Marijuana is the name of a wild Mexican tobacco. William Hurst and Henry Anslinger started using it to describe Cannabis in the early 1930's to demonize the plant and associate it with Hispanics. Facts you should know before uploading a video claiming to be facts.

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