Weed and Weight Loss, the Next Fad Diet?

CINCINNATI (Liz Bonis) — When it comes to the power of pot a number of states now say it can legally be used to treat health concerns.You might be surprised to …


  1. I lost 187lbs in a year and half.
    Lumps in my breast ended up not being cancer and I felt great. I had my medical card and it worked for me.
    It's an amazing plant.

  2. I can tell you from first-hand experience the weight loss is due to depression from severe marijuana use!! I was fat my whole life growing up from elementary school until I hit Junior High then I got introduced to marijuana it was the best thing I've ever fucking discovered in my life! that first yet it gave me the munchies after while you get so severely depressed and dependent on the weed that you don't care if you eat. It becomes a choice between, smoking a bowl or make a sandwich. If it gets to that you're going to choose smoke another Bowl! I know this because I stopped smoking weed for over 10 years gain the weight
    back. I started smoking again and now I'm at the lightest I've ever been.

  3. Heya, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  4. If one gets lazy on pot no. If one has nagging pain keeping them from exercising more? Yes. Want to loose weight? Undermake dinner. Never do seconds. Deserts only after light dinner. Save $$$ too. Excess food = shit. Shit is worth no $$$. Food excess is killing more than guns, bombs, and drugs combined.

  5. I disagree. You may not need to use it to lose weight, but I recently smoked weed and I didn't eat as much, I didn't get the munchies and I WAS losing weight. I also ate salads and drunk green smoothies so….

  6. its all depends on how much weed you smoke or eat i use to smok weed i did it for a year every day i started smoking at 210 pounds and after a year i was stop smoking i was 150 pounds so weed makes you lose weight for sure

  7. Seeing this video I just have to share this because I spent several years jumping from diet to diet without getting any real results until I discovered Dianas magic plan (i found it on google). It is without a doubt the most weight loss that I have ever achieved and I have not put it back on to this day.

  8. I thought weed acts as a weight loss if you don't eat when you get the munchies because your body is telling it's self it needs food so it starts to burn fat.

  9. lol couldn't be the fruit and super vegetables you ate ? hahaha – I think pot is horrible if you want to perform any type of high intensity exercise. It's probably great to relax and eat after heavy lifting if you're trying to bulk.

  10. this doctor dont know what he talkn bout he didnt do no research he was just say stuff cause he is a doctor and he dont kno nun about marijuana he just say stuff he heard or grew up hering about marijuana so donnt belive this doctor its alot of research and theres proof that marijuana smokers bodys are slimmer then regular ppl who dont smoke it

  11. Ya I gained 40lbs from stopping smoking in 1 year I look older and body always aches, so I just started smoking it again, it's only been 4 days and I feel a ton better, my depression from weight gain is getting better to. Fat people lose weight and skinny people gain weight. It just reverses any ill factors in your body if your fat you'll lose if your to skinny you'll gain. Just start asking around. So many people and celebritys smoke it in secret, it's a wonderful secret too

  12. I smoked most of my life, have always been able to eat what I wanted with no weight gain, have always been normal H/W 182 cm 78-84 kg once I stopped, do to a job, for a few years, I topped at +100 kg once I began to smoke regularly agin I slowly but steady got back to my normal 80ish kg that is at least my experience but I see similar "symptoms" from friends I know who smoke, same with the health, wonder if that is why "our" governments around the world have worked so hard to keep it illegal, not many money in it compared to the medical industries and wooden paper and synthetic clothing aso

  13. Anytime you juice and exercise a lot you'll lose weight. The weed is just used as a front to me. Don't hate weed, just saying you juice and exercise religiously I harbinger you'll lose lots.

  14. Woman's body system already contains the fat loss hormone, what you need to do is to make your weight-loss hormone working, this process called Metabolic Override. And then, you will get slimmer simply without restricting the foods you crave most

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