Weed Edibles: Effects by Dose

Weed Edibles: Effects as dosage increases.This video covers generally what you can expect to feel on a particular dose of a weed or cannabis edible. Of course …


  1. it’s my first time doing edibles i have smoking experience. I took 60mg and after 2 hours i didn’t feel anything so i took another 60mg still don’t feel anything ?

  2. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is if you’re buying/getting cheap edibles they are likely low quality bud and under dosed, people saying they’ve had 500-1000mg in one sitting, probably had like 250 of Reggie, especially if it’s those little nerd ropes and other rebranded edibles, just as people get cheap vape pens.

  3. Tbh I usually get 500mg edible jellies from my dealer and they do fuck you up but never get weird visuals etc just proper stoned off the thc , and I’m not even a heavy smoker or have a high tolerance, all I can say is don’t have one on and empty stomach and do it knowing you’ve no where to be Or things to do just enjoy it. What I’m saying it probably go for slightly higher does than 50/100 they probably won’t do too much even for beginners.

  4. Ummmmm, idk how you can compare weed to lsd, there is close to no visuals on weed but the body high can be somewhat compared in which your thoughts just fly by in a rapid pace. I tripped 2 days ago and my whole wall was covered in geometric warping shapes and my ground was like warping faces, it was 350 ug but with edibles the most I've gotten are some closed eye color flashing visuals but the audio visuals can sometimes be close to the same if you take enough edibles.

  5. at 10 am i had 200mg i waited an hour didn’t feel anything, had 300 after nothing, just had 300 15 minutes after the 300 portion i hope this shit kicks in bruh

  6. I did a 600 mg edible 1 sour gummy worm and I’m fine so far I’ll be back in an hour under this comment. To let you know how I feel and how my experience was.

  7. First time I took an edible I was also drinking vodka- a good bit too, and boyyyy it was great but I also cried like crazy because I was so emotional for some reason telling my friend I loved her sm lol. I was soo gone man it was crazy and I was scared I was going to do something dumb and everything was in slow motion it was crazy man 😂😂

  8. I remember the first time i took cookies and ate abt 400mgs, bro i rlly started to regret saying "lmao wheres the kick" when i was staring at wall and talking to my toilet which sounded like the rock abt our dating lives

  9. Oh are these comments real? 😰. I never smoked before so on my first time, I had 10mg chocolate. I ended up puking, and feeling very paranoid and extremely self conscious. I remember feeling so disgusted by myself, almost cried ;(And my eyes were being super dry. I had to get my contacts out immediately but I just couldn’t physically. The sense of hearing increased. The chewing sound of other people got amplified and it’s so annoying..
    I just felt bad;(

  10. I have a high tolerance I guess I’ve taken 100mg felt nothing, multiple times. Took 200mg felt nothing. Going to take 500mg this time let’s see how it goes. Only one time have j had a edible put me to sleep and my friend made it lol all the other edibles I’ve taken have been from the club so idk why they don’t work

  11. Idk if it's just me or my tolerance is really low but from smoking half a joint of around 12% thc weed I get high enough to experience strong closed eye visuals though it is for short periods

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